Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mean Abs June

Alright ladies and gentlemen it is the last day of May, absolutely insane!

We have fallen off the gym wagon for the time being, not because we don't enjoy it but because we have just been crazy busy! New jobs, position changes, a secret I hope to one day blog about, the wedding is coming up super fast (4.5 months), along with going out and living life.

So for the moment we are saving gym membership money and will pick it back up once everything slows down. We are fitting in outdoor activities and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Here is a simple way to bring in a little fitness into our lives. A June Ab Challenge. July 1st I will be back with an update. Hold me accountable peoples! Join me?

If you decide to join spread the word Tweet tweet: "@unSimplyCelia is doing an Ab Challenge for June! Join us. #Fitfluential"


  1. Ohhhhh I wanna do this!!!! And what I ur secret?! Text me I wanna knowwwww :-)

  2. OMG I am sooooo doing this! Pregnancy ruined my mid-section and I've been meaning/trying (unsuccessfully) to work on an ab regime and usually don't keep up with it. Maybe this will motivate me though!

    Which ones are planks?

  3. I'm totally on board with this. I wanted to do the 300 in 30 challenge but I think I need to build my way up to that steps!

    Um, what is the difference between a sit up and a crunch? Yeah, it's been that long since I've done any ab exercises. Ha ha ha!

  4. I'm so doing this!!!! Thanks for starting it!

  5. I needed a new June fitness challenge/focus. I'll join in :)

  6. I'm gonna try this with you! I gotta get in shape for my wedding!!

  7. I would probably die by June 3rd. :)


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