Friday, May 25, 2012

The Nail Files IX + 4yr Blogoversary!

Happy Friday!!!! I received an email from one of those wedding websites that I signed up for (don't we sign up for a million of them when we get engaged?) the subject was wedding day nail polish, one was a french manicure but with glitter tips. I figured, sure, I'll give it a shot. I am so in love!

I used Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kollection - Rainbow in the S-Kylie

What do you think? I may go with this for our wedding day in October... but have it professionally done. Do you have any other suggestions for me? What did you do?

The Nail Files


Today is my 4 year Blogoversary! I can't believe it! I have blogged about anything and everything. I have poured my heart out, and I have completely shut down. I'm so glad I have kept it all in one place though and I am glad that I have met some really amazing people, some whom I have never met but I call my real life friends anyhow. The girls I text, blip, and send random cards to!

To show a little appreciation for my readers I am having a little giveaway! I want to make it a little personal so here is what your package may contain. A small gift card to your favorite store, a BUTTER London nail polish, fun office supplies, and some other little items that I personally select for you. =)

Here's how to enter: 
Comment below telling me the following: 
  1. What is your favorite store/place? Why? 
  2. What are your favorite colors of nail polish? Seasonal Colors? Neutrals? 
  3. What are your favorite type of office supplies? 
  4. Anything else you want to tell me? 
  5. Spread the word? "It's @unSimplyCelia's 4yr Blogoversary and she's having a giveaway! Go check it out"
You can leave everything in one comment, and I will use to select the winner.

Easy peasy, no, I'm not using Rafflecopter that some of you so dearly love, I'm keeping it personal. :)

Giveaway ends on June 1st, allow me approx 2wks to go shopping for you and then you will have your package. Kapeesh?


  1. 1. Bungalow Java in Houston. Have you been? It's a super great coffee shop and little store with local made goodies.
    2. Neutrals.
    3. Stationary! Cute notebooks, pretty cards, etc
    4. Go Coogs!!
    5. I tweet from @thisisroxanne

  2. First, I love the nails..they look fab and HAPPY 4th BLOGIVERSARY!!!

    1. Target, because I could choose from a little bit of everything.
    2. Fun colors...I can't wear polish to work so when I'm off I like to jazz it up.
    3. Stationary and pens...I'm a sucker for lists.
    4. You're the awesomesauce, my dear!! :)

  3. I love, love, love your nails! They look fabulous!

    Now, for the good stuff!

    1. Target. It is my favorite store because it has everything a person could want! Nail polish, books, home decor, clothes, food, the list goes on. Love it!

    2. I don't have a favorite color, nor brand. I am a polish-a-holic and love all colors. Right now I am digging the bright summery colors that are coming out!

    3. I love office supplies! (Also can be found at Target..see its amazing!) My favorite office supplies though are fun ink colored pens and post its!

    4. I love your blog and TGIF!

    5. I shared the love! My URL


  4. My favorite store is J Crew...sigh, I love the colors this season. My favorite colors of nail polish is ANYTHING (except yellow and red). I LOVE sharpies, they are so so fun. And yes. I've been meaning to tell you...I miss you & cannot wait to seeee you againnn :) PS lots of caffeine this AM

  5. I loveee your nails! I've been wanting to do a glitter french mani but I need to grow my nails out a little more.
    Happy bloggy bday!

    1. Target because they have everything and I can spend hours there!
    2. I love just about all colors of polish - especially bright coral colors and pinky neutrals.
    3. Post Its! And I'm a list maker so notebooks and stationary.
    4. Love your blog! Have a great weekend!
    5. Tweeted from @jessicaalouette

  6. 1. Target - I can get clothes, essentials, nail polishes, Starbucks...everything!

    2. Lately, bright/neon pinks & corals.

    3. Anything with stars. Post-its, pens, paper clips, whatev.

    4. You are cute. This is the most personal giveaway I've seen. Happy 4 years!

    5. I'll be tweeting from @PPlates =)

  7. 1.What is your favorite store/place? Why?: SEPHORA! Because it is a makup junkie like myself's HEAVEN :-)

    2. What are your favorite colors of nail polish? Seasonal Colors? Neutrals? I love EVERYTHING! (except reds, I'm not so much a fan of the reds).

    3. What are your favorite type of office supplies? I have a ridiculous obsession with SHARPIE's ... I want every color that exists hahaha :-)

    4. Anything else you want to tell me? - Come visit me! I love youuuuuu :-)

    5. Spread the word? I did I did! ... and I mentioned it on facebook too!!! :-)

  8. What is your favorite store/place? Why? I love Target because I can get all of the stuff I may need, and most of the time stuff I don't need, in one stop

    What are your favorite colors of nail polish? Seasonal Colors? Neutrals? I love pastels

    What are your favorite type of office supplies? Colored pens and stationary

    Anything else you want to tell me? I love your blog, congrats on 4 years

    Spread the word: I tweeted

  9. Love that polish! I need to try that out!!

    1.What is your favorite store/place? Why?: Target! Same reason as the rest, it literally always has something for me :)

    2. What are your favorite colors of nail polish? I love mint, dark colors & any purples

    3. What are your favorite type of office supplies? I love stationary! pretty post-its, notepads

    4. Anything else you want to tell me? - Hmm that should be an easy one right? haha!

    5. Spread the word? Sure did on twitter! @Monilove99

  10. I like the nails! I say go with them for the wedding, it will be soemthing different that usual!

    Congratuations on your 4 yr Blogoversary! Love seeing kitty posts! ;)

    1. My favorite store is Target! B/c you can find ANYTHING there! Clothes, shoes, food, dog stuff, meds...list goes on and on [like my receipts!]

    2. My favorite nail polish colors are corals/pinks for toesies & nude/beige/neutrals for fingers.

    3. My fav office supplies are Sharpie pens! Love them! They don't smudge or bleed through!

    4. Thanks for letting us into your life for the past 4 years, allowing us to see everything from wedding ideas to what you've eaten! ;)

    5. Spreading the word on my Twitta...thequeenskourt :)

  11. Aw - what fun!

    What is your favorite store/place? I'm going to go with Target just because I can buy cute shoes and toilet paper in the same place.

    What are your favorite colors of nail polish? NEON. I am craving some new neon pink polish right now! I've used mine all up!

    What are your favorite type of office supplies? Snazzy note cards, fun pens, Sharpies, postcards...

    Anything else you want to tell me? Has it really been four years?! Lordy. I think I started following you two years ago?

    Spread the word-- I tweeted

  12. 1. Target - because you can't just walk out with one thing

    2. I wear brights and darker colors on my toes, more neutral, and lighter colors on my fingers

    3. Fun pens, post its!

    4. glad we have become friends!

    Happy Bloggerversary!!

  13. Love the nails! They are so cute :) & happy four year blogoversary!

    1. I love me some Victoria's Secret, I have been eyeing a pair of their yoga pants for ages!

    2. Something bright and springy!

    3. I love any pen that makes my handwriting look pretty :) especially the Sharpie pens!

    4. You're awesome :D

    5. I tweet @TheyCallHerMeg

  14. You are so adorable! Happy 4years blogging!!!

    1. My favorite store would have to be Forever 21 - I love to shop. period.
    2. Right now I'm loving all the greys, corals, hot pinks and nudes
    3. I don't really love office supplies so if I happen to win, just surprise me with something cute
    4. I heart you :)
    5. I tweeted!

  15. Lovveeeee your nails!!!! And happy blogiversary!!

    Fave store is Target! I love ALL colors of nail polish! Aanndd I am kinda obsessed with post it notes!

  16. I was just saying that these are my very favorite giveaways--ones that are personal and involve the blogger's favorite stuff! Congrats on your bloggy anniversary. :) Here are my answers for my entry--keeping my fingers crossed!!!
    1. My favorite store is Anthropologie because everything in there is so very beautiful. I also love coffee and any coffee shop :)
    2. It's hard for me to narrow it down for nail polish because I LOVE IT ALL! I have been coveting a Butter polish and don't have any yet! I've had my eyes on nude polishes of late, but I love all colors. I've been into BRIGHTS for summer lately.
    3. I was in Office Depot the other day and I was in heaven. Colored felt tip pens are my favorite, I think. But seriously, I go nuts for cute office supplies. It's the teacher in me?
    4. THANK YOU for the chance!! I'm tweeting now :)

  17. (just tweeted--@clairekiefer--yay!)

  18. 1. Charming Charlie! I'm an accessory junkie!
    2. Pink! Well any pink by Sinful Colors or China Glaze.
    3. Pens
    4. You are awesome! =D
    5. I tweeted:

  19. 1.Lululemon, it is expensive so I don't shop there often but I love their stuff!
    2.For my job I have to wear neutrals on my hands, my fav is Essie's Barefoot & Topless.
    3. Colored pens! I don't work in an office, so I don't need any other supply!
    4. Happy Blogoversary!
    5. I tweeted:

  20. 1. Forever21 is my favorite bc im a sucker for accessories! they ALWAYS fit no matter what :)OR target but i can buy every single thing i need there in one stop and i go crazy :)
    2. ugh. have i ever mentioned my nail polish obsession? I love all colors but lately am really into neons or super dark navy.
    3. hole punchers! or, fresh notebook, fine tipped rolly pens, and labels i can fill in with bright markers. I know, im a weirdo.
    4. happy anniversary :) and even though we don't know each other irl, I love that you always respond to my tweets, it really makes my day!
    5. tweeted! @sarawithan__h

  21. Hmm... My fave store has to be... Kohls! Love that I can get clothes and home decor there!

  22. Office supplies? COOL pens! I use them everyday!

  23. BAH! Sorry, missed the one comment thing... Oops! I tweeted! @kassarie.

  24. Happy 4 years!

    The place I've been dying to buy from right now is actually Barnes & Noble! There are so many books I want for my Nook! I'd love to get the whole Harry Potter collection someday!

    I'm not sure on the nail polish. So far this year I've loved the brownish/gray color & the hot pink that I've used. I guess I'm up for anything that isn't super crazy.

    I do love the sharpie pens, fine point, in the fun colors. I also like labels and fun notepads.

    This is an awesome giveaway!

    I tweeted too (mrs_mcj)!

  25. 1. Favorite store: Target. You can get so many things there. Clothes, beauty products, food, electronics, medicine.
    2. my favorite colors of nail polish are seasonal colors. Right now I'm loving all the bright summer colors.
    3. Favorite office supplies: pretty pens, post-its, notepads
    4. Happy 4 years of blogging!
    5. I spread the word @corih86

  26. 1. Bath and Body Works, and because of the candles, I seriously ADORE Slatkin and Co Candles.
    2. I love pinks and blues and mattes.
    3. Pretty Pens, (usually gel ink) and sticky Notes.
    4. I think you are super sweet to do this!
    5. I tweeted @pheobeslife

  27. Great giveaway! And thanks girl!!

    1. My favorite place is homegoods for my household decor or Bealles. So many fun options and for good prices too. For clothes, oh my gosh, I haven't been clothes shopping in so long. I'm so picky about my jeans.
    (I just noticed how big my button is on your blog .. oh my lol!)

    2. I normally have my nails done (pink and white), but I am always drawn to a pink color or red. I don't know why. I've really wanted to get into the subdued pinks and greys lately. I'm on the hunt for a really pretty pink/flesh color I saw some girl wearing on T.V. the other day

    3. I LOVE office supplies. I love pens, and markers. I have so many spiral notebooks laying around from school. I could spend all day playing around in office max.

    4. Umm .. thanks again ;)

    5. You got it!

  28. 1.) I'd say my favorite store is currently lululemon!

    2.) I love ANY dark nail polish - blues, blacks, grays, etc.

    3.) I am obsessed with post-its!

    4.) You rock!

    5.) I tweeted! @CompilationTape

  29. Congrats on 4 years!!!

    1. Anthropologie, I love the funky
    2. I love mauves, pinks and corals
    3. Post its, cute folders, fun pins
    4. I love starbucks :)


  30. 1. My favorite store? Um, Target. Oh, and Starbucks. Fortunately, both are usually found together. It's a match made in heaven. Why do I like both places? Well, at Target, I can ALWAYS find something I like and Starbucks helps me get through the day. Mama loves her caffeine. Ha ha ha.
    2. I'm a nail polish junkie. I don't have a favorite color. Oh, wait, I do: OPI's Cajun Shrimp. But, I'm open to all sorts of colors. I really want to try the neon colors that are hot this season.
    3. I like post-it notes and pens. Colorful pens. :)
    4. Happy 4th blogoversary!!
    5. I tweeted:

  31. That looks very cute. I love that Keep Calm & write a blog.

  32. Cute nails! Congrats on the 4 year blogaversary... I'm coming up on my 3 year :)

  33. What is your favorite store/place? Why? So many, Target, Walmart, Sephora, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby.

    What are your favorite colors of nail polish? Seasonal Colors? Neutrals? Fave colors of nailpolish: purple, pinks & blues

    What are your favorite type of office supplies? storage things. Cute baskets & buckets

    Anything else you want to tell me? Great giveaway.

    Spread the word? Tweeted.

  34. Just realized I hadn't entered in this yet! *gasp!*

    1. Fav store/place:
    Probably Target or Walmart, but I also like Gordman's and Old Navy and Kohl's for clothes =)

    2. Fav nail colors:
    Blues, reds, purplesm silvers, greys... neutrals are nice too as well as some fun pinks. Not big on bright neon colors though like yellow, orange or green (deep/dark green isn't bad though).

    3. Favorite office supplies...
    Pens! And notepads that you can easily tear off (like with that glue-type binding).

    4. Happy Blogoversary!!!

    5.I tweeted:

  35. 1. I love Target. I can find everything there. My husband doesn't like what it does to my wallet though. :)
    2. I like neutrals when I go and get a mani because they go with everything, but when I do my own - everything is fair game!
    3. I love ALL office supplies. I worked at Office Max in college and spent so much money! I love pens, post-its, and notebooks (but I'm picky about the pages, I like smooth paper)
    4. I love you! happy blogoversary!

  36. My favorite store is Target. I love their clothes, shoes, home decor, and of course the variety of nail polish. :-)

    I love all colors of nail polish! I have a variety and pretty much use them all, depending on my mood and what I feel like wearing.

    My favorite office supplies are pens and post-its!

    Happy 4 years!! :-)

  37. Oh, and I tweeted. :-) Not sure if it's a separate entry but here's the link!

  38. I hope I'm still in time. If not, no biggie.

    Happy 4 Blogging Years!

    1. I love Target. I grew up in Minneapolis (where Target is HQ'ed) and stores are all over.

    2. I love any color of nail polish. I have over 200 bottles of assorted colors.

    3.) I love post-its and nice quality pens.

    4.I don't really know what I would tell ya.

    5. Tweeted!

    Jennifer Petrie ‏@JenPetrie
    It's @unSimplyCelia's 4yr Blogoversary and she's having a giveaway! Go check it out

  39. 1. Tough call but if I had to choose Whole Foods for yummy food and Nordstrom for all other shopping ;-)
    2. Nail polish I love seasonal colors, which is why I have so many! I should probably invest in neutrals, huh?
    3. For office stuff, I really only use pens. And Sharpies. And packing tape. (All for care packages for my hubs!)
    4. I love everything TEXAS! Even more so since I've moved away and live on this lil' ol' island.
    5. I retweeted you & tweet from @ Adventureofe
    Congrats on such an amazing milestone! And the wedding is going to be here before you know it! So exciting!!!


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