Monday, May 28, 2012

Phone Photo Mashup


Hello there! Happy Memorial day to my American friends! Two great link ups for today above, click the pretty buttons!

  • I have not been drinking nearly enough water lately. With the summer heat and humidity here, I need to keep on it. What is your fave bottled water? Or flavored water? I LOVE smart water, but it is a bit pricey. So my second fave would have to be iced lemon water. You have to put the ice in first, then squeeze the fresh lemon on top of the ice, then put in the water... It makes a difference which order you go in. I swear.

  • For our 7th Anniversary Mychael and I hoped in the car had an overnight stay in San Antonio. So much fun! We absolutely love the Riverwalk. We went to the Tower of the Americas, you HAVE to go. So so pretty, and so windy. Don't wear a dress... or this may happen. Almost a Marilyn Monroe moment.

  • I found these fabulous Peacock Feather earrings at Target last week. I want to wear them every day! For some reason the Target earrings that are nickle free don't bother my ears. I have never been able to wear fake earrings for more than a couple hours. I can leave these in for a full 8hrs and not be bothered by them! 

That is all for today, my sweets! Have a great week!

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    1. Congrats on 7 years! That is huge! It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful weekend!
      I am going to have to try that with the lemon, for sure! I am so bad at drinking water too. When I work I force myself to drink at least 3 glasses during my shift, but this 3 day weekend has killed me!!
      Love your blog! :D

    2. Happy Anniversary girl....and those earrings are fierce :)

    3. Look at how pretty you look in that picture. I just drink filtered water,but I need to get lemon or something because I hate plain water.

    4. Ohhhhhh LOVE those earrigns!! I'm gonna have to go to target :) hehe. That's good that they don't bother you ears, I've gone thru the same thing if I bought from Dots or Claires/Icing they hurt my ears so bad! Love the pics girl!

    5. So pretty friend! Love those earrings!!


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