Wednesday, May 16, 2012

save the date 10.13.2012

It looks like we are keeping our date! Do you remember our wedding planning uh-ohs here and here? Those of you who left comments, thanks so much for your encouraging words.

Picking items for your wedding which represent you as a couple is so hard y'all! We used Wedding Paper Divas. They have so many save the dates to choose from. We played around on their website for hours at a time! We finally decided on the one above. Super simple, and clean. Refreshing, and ... just, us! 

When Mychael opened the box and saw them his eyes started to water. For me, holding them in my hands, I just got this overwhelming feeling in my heart! They are super gorgeous, you can't tell from the photo above but they have this slight shimmer to the paper and it makes it super classy. We couldn't be happier. 

I mailed off our save the dates on Monday!!!! We are just 5 months away from the wedding. Good gosh time flies by so fast!

I suppose we should start looking at the invitations, and programs,and thank you notes... 

What do you think?

**Our save the dates were sponsored by Wedding Paper Divas. All thoughts within this post are my own**


  1. That's awesome - glad you are keeping your date!!

  2. YAY! The save the dates look great! I'm glad you are keeping your date!!! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous!! I bet they do look even better in person!! Congrats! :)

  4. They look great! I got my invitatations from Wedding Paper Divas and seriously could not have been happier! :)

  5. Cute!!! We used Wedding Paper Divas for all of our stuff as well! I loved it!

  6. OMG STOP you are making me feel like mine is around the corner too! :)

    Love the Save the Dates...Wedding Paper Diva's rock, we did our Engagement Party invites with them.

    So excited for you that it's so close!

  7. Yay!!! You are getting married one month after me! Time DOES fly by fast!

  8. I love them and that's a great date!

  9. They look great!!! Not too much longer til you say "I do!"

  10. They look great!
    Love them!


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