Monday, May 14, 2012

Young Professional?

Last week my friend Shellie and I were chatting about jobs, industries, and networking. She mentioned the Houston Young Professional Endevour better known locally as HYPE and how we should start going out to their events. I network a bit within my industry, and she hasn't really started yet. When she mentioned it I immediately asked her... are we still young professionals though? I mean we are almost 30, when are you no longer a young professional? We didn't quite know. So I took my question to twitter, most of the photos I have seen from these types of events are full of people who look like they just graduated college, so 22/23?

So, with Bree's answer I think I would feel a little better walking into an event. I mean, it's not like they would tell me "sorry honey, you're too old you have to leave" ha. ...but still.

What do you think? and have you ever attended a Young Professionals event? 


  1. Uh, next time you go to a HYPE event, let me know!! I wanna go so bad but I really don't wanna go alone :(

  2. I've gone to young prof events and the limit was 40. You have plenty of time to be a young professional! ;d

  3. I go to young professionals events all of the time and there are always a ton of people in their mid-30s!! So yes, you are definitely a young professional :)

  4. They usually define it as "to 35" and HYPE events are SO much fun! :)

  5. They usually define it as "to 35" and HYPE events are SO much fun! :)


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