Friday, June 1, 2012

Furbabes + Cat Etiquette

Happy Friday! It's time to show a little furbaby love again.

Angel loves to play with my shirts in the closet when I forget to tie the strings. He's not supposed to be in there and gets in trouble by the Mister when he does... but this was just too cute not to photograph.
Today is his birthday!!!! Our little Angel turns 11!!! Happy Birthday, little man! Extra scritches and nose kisses for you!

Speedette's favorite thing is to play in the blankets with you. We wrestle in the blankets and I tickle her belly... then if she finds a gab she snaps at me all the while purring like crazy.

Don't forget to take time out daily to enjoy your little furkids!


  1. Aw happy birthday to your sweet kitty!!

    PS- Cat etiquette- true that!

  2. I love that cat etiquette pictures! Happy birthday Angel! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Angel!

    Stopping by to say hi from Fur Baby Friday!

  4. Happy birthday!

    That cat etiquette thing is so true lol!


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