Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's OK!

Yay! It is Thursday! I swear this week has flown by! Last weekend was entirely too busy, we only came home to sleep! I'll share more deets about that on the blog next week. This weekend, a celebrity basketball game, bowling and brunch with my bestie and her flower-boy are on the agenda.

Let's get this blog party started with Neely and Amber!

Its Ok Thursdays

  • To spend $$$ on concert tickets just because there is one-two acts out of over 40 that you are dying to see.
  • To get a little sad when you are in the mosh pit and see that the other girls don't have perfectly pedicured toes.
  • To make friends with complete strangers and then forget to get their number/contact info before the pit separates you.
  • To think that some people really need some anger management classes in their life.
  • To feel violated when someone walks into the bathroom, clearly sees the door is closed and peaks through the cracks to see if someone is in there. 
  • To sing Justin Bieber's latest song in the kitchen while cooking dinner.
  • To think your bestie should marry her flower-boy after only 4 months of dating, even though when you were with Mychael for 4 months and people mentioned marriage you thought they were absolutely insane!
  • To laugh when a group of girls call you fat, when you are far from it and they are double your size. Hmmm. 
  • To be really freaked out that you have been having dreams of your pregnancy and unborn (and unconceived) child.
  • To be really excited to receive a custom made blog planner!!! 
  • To decide to take $$$ over a honeymoon. 
  • To beg your mister to pleaaaaassseee let you wear your wedding ring now because it is just too pretty!
  • To have joined another monthly club! 
  • To get frustrated when blogger doesn't publish your posts when you schedule them. 
  • To be excited and nervous to post your first book review next week. 
  • To be super excited that more people are contacting me to work with this little blog of mine. 
....and that is all for today, my loves.


  1. Gah, Blogger has been failing me lately too! And I love concerts so I justify the costs all the time, lol

  2. Blogger planner??? I must know more about this!!

  3. Ditto, must know more about this custom blog planner :)

  4. Someone peeped through the cracks in the bathroom at you? What a weirdo!

  5. i definitely wore my wedding band around the house when randy wasn't home ;)

    and i can't believe someone peeped through the cracks of your bathroom stall. OH HELL NO! what a creep!!!

  6. Totally ok to be freaked out about dreams like that! I had a few myself and woke up from them.


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