Monday, June 11, 2012

my Little Black Bag

Friends. I'm a sucker for monthly clubs. Honestly, I can't blame anyone but myself. Well here I am to suck you into my little monthly club pit! You're welcome.

Let me introduce you to. Little Black Bag. Here's the deal. You take a little mini quiz at the beginning. Then you get 2-4 items worth $100+ for $49.95. Seriously. Amazing. You pick your first item, then the experts choose the rest for you. I know I know, you may be thinking.. what?! You actually get to trade items with others. You get to view what others have up for trade with your item and pick something else if you'd like. You have seven days to make your trades. So much fun!

Also, if your friends are in the Little Black Bag club you can take a peek at their bag and help them choose whether they should keep their items or trade. You know us ladies, we always need the advise of our gal pals in order to choose what we need

Here is what was in my first bag:

1.) michael marcus Can Can Girl Nail Polish - retails $15 - traded a product for this.
2.) Betsey Johnson Pig Ring - retails approx $45 - I picked this one up as a gift for one of my besties. Ummm if you are reading. omg look what I found for you!
3.) Archipelago Boticario Body Balm - retails $25
4.) Street Level Zig Zag Printed Satchel - retails $74 - traded a product for this.

So I received $159.00 worth of products for $49.00 !!! Serious score, right?

My next bag will be ready for me on July 1st. I can't wait to see what they have selected for me to choose from! The great thing is, if I don't like anything I can decline. Or heaven forbid I don't have the monies for it (sad face) then I can decline it. So I'm not really obligated. 

What are you waiting for, friend? Sign up for Little Black Bag right now! ... oh and I already checked with your hubby, he said it was okay.

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  1. I wanted to do this, I signed up a few weeks ago, but with me not having a job, I can't play along with Birchbox or all of these other monthly clubs.
    That pig ring is cute!


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