Thursday, June 28, 2012

On the Value of the Truth

With sincerest tongue, I gave you truth. Convinced myself to stand bold, honorably exposing my desire to part ways, hopefully, amicably cut ties. From you, I assumed I too received truth, that you supported my decision to go encouraged my pursuit to grow for my dream could lay no root in shallow soil. But you deny me the honesty I believe in return my own deserves. Hold me in contempt for my words for my wish does not serve your interest you long to keep me here, despite my misery hold me to your standard of mediocrity but I will serve as no prisoner here I will not succumb to the life you did. I may regret this decision to not hold my tongue, but make no mistake, my words were indeed true. You never deserved my best or my truth which is all that I ever gave you.

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