Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Just some observations and my thoughts on some rudeness going on =)

In the Blog World:
  • It's rude to ask someone to do a paid sponsorship with you and then bash them on Twitter. Whether or not you started it, participating in it is just as bad. I know I can have my rawr moments, but this is just something I would never do. It's unprofessional. Once you open up your blog to paid sponsorships or to working with brands you just turned it into a business and should treat it that way. I would never ever think to bash any of the ladies on the right hand side of my page. If you are looking to do a paid sponsorship, these two ladies have been a pleasure to work with both on the business front and on a personal level.

A Complete Waste of Makeup

Mrs. Monologues

  •  It's rude to email someone and tell them that their wedding is going to be tacky. I had promised y'all that I would take you though the steps as I was planning my wedding. This included brain storming. I'm not the girl who has has been dreaming about her wedding day her whole life. So I blogged, and tweeted my random thoughts and questions. Yes, my ideas were all over the place there are lots of possibilities with weddings - then the email came and I stopped it all. Sorry, promise broken. Rude, just plain rude. 
  •   It's rude to tell people what they should and should not be blogging about on their own blog. It's their little space to do with what they want. If they want to post a million photos of their child, animal, or a freaking pet rock... by golly they should be able to do it. You don't have to read it. Some people love wedding blogs, some people love Mommy blogs, some people love fashion blogs, ... you get my point? This kinda goes for twitter too. Unfollow them, and if they blast you for it... it's kinda embarrassing for them, not you.
In the Real World: 
  • It's rude not to let someone out of the elevator before you get on. I understand you may be in a rush to get to where you're going... but I kinda need to get out of the elevator before you head down/up! Unless you're trying to kidnap me.
  •  It's rude to speed up when someone puts on their signal. You may be in a hurry to get where you're going, but that person may have a true emergency.(credit BFF: Shellie) & in all honesty you're not going to get to your destination that much later by letting me in.
  • It's rude not to tip the take-out person at a restaurant. I used to be a waitress and bartender. Typically the bartender will be responsible for take-out orders. Tip them! Especially if the take-out person is not the bartender. They make sure that your order is correct, that you have napkins and silverware and usually they aren't working any tables.
  • It's rude to tap your glass or shake your glass if/when you need a refill. I was out the other day eating and I saw this, I swear daggers flew out of my eyes. A simple "excuse me" when a waiter walkers by is sufficient.

Have you had some of these thoughts lately? Do you agree with me, disagree with me?


    1. I agree with you!! Some people are SO RUDE. But I honestly didn't know you are supposed to tip the takeout people when you go pick it up! I thought since they aren't serving you except to hand you the meal that they don't get tipped. But I stand corrected!

    2. Great post - so, so true! I can not believe that someone emailed you that your wedding will be tacky. The gall of that person!

    3. Are you serious? Someone emailed you..calling your wedding tacky. OMG!!! How incredibly rude.

    4. I agree with you on all of these! The one huge thing I've noticed lately in the blog world is that people criticize what other people are blogging about. It's their blog, not yours! If you don't like it, don't read it. Same thing goes for Twitter. These same people are probably out being rude in the real world too. It's sad!

    5. Amen!

      & I agree, Neely is absolutely amazing & same goes for the Mrs. :)

      & did somebody really email you that your wedding was going to be tacky? That's horrible!!

    6. I agree with you on all of your points. I had seriously thought of not blogging anymore because some had made a comment as to my randomness. I have come to realize that some of those "mean" bloggers have yet to grow up and get out of the clique they so needed in high school. As the old saying goes, people who throw stones are obviously not happy with their own lives. You are a wonderful person both on the blog world and I am happy to know you in real life. Your wedding is going to be beautiful! After all... the focal point is the bride and you my dear, are a beautiful lady!

    7. My heart hurts that someone out there in blogland emailed you with wedding "advice" and her rude opinion. I'm sorry you had to deal with that! Your wedding will not be tacky - puh-leze! I'm the expert on tacky weddings. ;)

    8. I seriously cannot believe the balls of some people, men OR women... especially women sometimes! I agree with every single one of those things you listed. People are ridiculous and I can't believe they think that it's okay to do any of those!

    9. I honestly can't believe these kinds of people! I would never do or think of doing anything like that. Jeeze, the nerves of these people!

    10. OMG, I cannot believe people bashed you via blogland like that. WHO does that? Thats more than rude. And I hate when people speed up when I put my signal on, I generally start screming if I'm pissed which natch gets me nowhere, lol

    11. I so agree and can't believe anyone would put their opinion on you- pretty sure you didn't ask what THEY thought of your wedding, or anything you blog about for that matter! Very rude!

      I tip at restaurants if they put together my order ahead of time, or when I come in, but if it's an order at the counter type place I don't- just places with waiters/waitresses because it's more work and they aren't getting their usual tips!

    12. I agree with all of the above. It's sad that there are so many people in this world who are rude enough to do these things. I can't believe someone emailed you and was rude about your wedding!!!

    13. Um what?

      I am a firm believer in: if you don't have anything nice to say: DON'T SAY IT AT ALL ... I'm horrified that someone actually emailed you to tell you your wedding will be tacky! Seriously the only thing tacky is the person who actually takes the time to email another person with such mean things!!! :-(

      I love you & Neely & Mrs. M. you ladies are amazing!!!! xoxo

    14. I totally agree with everything you said. I don't understand why people have to be so rude. The elevator thing is such a big pet peeve of mine...I am teaching my son that you allow others to get off before you even think about getting on.

    15. Craziness! Good lord, what is going on in the blog world lately?

      For real, the elevator thing makes me wanna scream!!! It happened to me to many times this weekend in NY.

    16. I had my first rude comment a couple weeks ago. Honestly, I just think if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say anything at all. I mean if you don't like my blog don't read it. It's pretty simple! I agree with you on all counts! :) So sorry that someone was ugly to you.

    17. Agreed on both fronts.
      People are very rude and tacky in both real life and blog life. Ick.


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