Wednesday, June 20, 2012

some days are just GREAT mail days!

A couple weeks ago I had a super awesome mail day. Everything I received was blogger related. Whee! I've had a lot of those lately and things will be making their way to the blog soon. =)

michael marcus Can Can Girl Nail Polish. I received this in my Little Black Bag that I blogged about. Love it. I had never tried (or even heard of) this brand. It goes on super smooth and doesn't chip quickly.

I blogged about a new monthly club I had joined with Kustom Kissers here. I received my first shipment. I've used every single one of them. Don't judge. I know some of you have an addiction to chapstic and lip glosses too.
I received my Essie Klout perk in the mail. It is so pretty! I was under the impression that we were getting one of each summer color, oh well. This color actually went on super smooth!!! ...and I have received several compliments on the color (Mojito Madness)!


  1. I got the klout perk too! They sent me Bikini So Teeny.

  2. Definitely a great week of mail!! Tell me more about the Essie Klout perk? I love all things Essie!!!

  3. I have such an addiction to chapstick/lip gloss - it's crazy!
    new follower!

  4. My roommate just bought Mojito Madness and it's SO pretty! I love the shade of green. And I got her the light blue color from the summer collection, it's called Teeny Bikini or something like that, and it's also so pretty! Love them all!

  5. Yea, I'm addicted to chapstick. I have one in all three of my purses, one at my desk at work, one by my computer at home, one in the bathroom and one in my living room...

  6. I got an Essie Klout perk too! I got the pink one and I am in LOVE.


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