Monday, June 25, 2012

"To Be, or Not to Be"...Yourself, That Is....On Social Media

Happy Monday, lovers! I hope you all have a fabulous week, I have some amazing guest bloggers lined up for you. I hope you will pop in here daily and give them lots of love! This week is starting off with Stephanie from #DreamShakeBarbie! Once you read her post, you must stalk her visit her site, my fave posts - girl chat.

"Only speak when spoken to!" I have to admit, my mother nor father ever instructed me in this jarring way during my childhood; however, nowadays, I find that I am directed, in a round-about way, to do just that: not to speak my mind, and only to respond when a question is posed to me. I'm talking about social media, and yes, specifically about Twitter.

I can count on, not one, but two hands, the number of times that people have told me what I need to be tweeting and when I should be tweeting it. Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure that my twitter handle says "@stephaniejoplin" (moi) and not "@everybodyontheplanetpleasecommenthere".  There is something incredibly degrading about a person demanding that you change your thought pattern output. 

"Be careful", a mentor and friend of mine warns, "you don't want things to come back and bite you in the ass." But...perhaps I do want things to bite me in the ass. Don't you think something biting you in the ass keeps you on your toes? Allright, maybe I should admit here that yes, there are times when people I don't know from Adam have hurt my feelings, but usually they are those that matter somehow in life (ie: not some lame ass with 14 followers and a photo of a mystical horned goat-man for an avatar). My mentor did, however, say to take each piece of criticism at face value: it's that person's perspective, and you must decide on your own if it is important and useful to you or not. 

So admittedly, I have no filter. I am crass at times, and maybe kinda strange...but dammit, I'm funny. I do not have a malicious bone in my body (except perhaps in my disdain for tapered-leg jeans, but I digress) and I go out of my way to make those I love happy. Ask anyone close to me. Even former "worst enemies" are now good friends of mine, because I choose to live in a drama-free world. I talk a big game, people. How else do you think a chick like me who loves to talk about sports survives in a metropolis of testosterone-riddled cyberspace? It's a persona, a character that I embody body & soul in my writing and on social media. But if you were to come into my place or work and shake my hand, you would find a high-energy, professional and collected business woman with a warm smile, a sharp wit, and a penchant for sports chit chat. 

Despite the fact that I have a smart mouth, I (unfortunately) have an equally soft heart. I have compassion, and I am affected by those around me. I have met some of the most fantastic and truly special people on Twitter. These individuals, some of whom I have never, nor will ever meet in person, were key players in motivating me to funnel my passion into writing about what I love: and that is Houston sports. 

I write to make you laugh, to shock you, to entertain you. I don't write to hurt you personally, or to take up space on your timeline. My thoughts are my thoughts, and I like to share. It's! 

If you can remember one thing from this entry, it's this: If you want to write from the heart, you will never have to use your head. You just let your fingertips do the talking. 



  1. I absolutely love this post! So agree with you.

  2. Yay Stephanie! Totally agree with what you've said... it's your life, live it!

    Celia - I'm commenting, yay me! :p

  3. Thank you for the positive feedback! XOXO


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