Friday, July 27, 2012

a VERY happy Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! Mychael has been out of town all week on business. I'm leaving early from the office today to go and pick him up! I'm so excited! I missed my monkey bear.

Ever since we moved in together 4 years ago we have never been apart, and I have never slept overnight alone in any of my 27yrs. (with the exception of a night or two here and there when my Pops has been in the hospital, but then I kept all the lights on in my house. And lied to my parents and told them I was staying with a relative. Heh.) My parents even told me I could pack up the kitties and stay with them while Mychael was gone, or if I wanted one of them would come spend the week with me. So so sweet of them, but I declined.

When Mychael told me he would definitely be going on a trip for work I was a little nervous. But I also was excited for him! My excitement for him overshadowed my nervousness. I knew when I dropped him off at the airport that I would cry when I said goodbye, I didn't. I knew that I would leave the airport in tears, I didn't. I knew that when he called me on the first night to tell me sweet dreams I would cry, I didn't. I was proud of myself!

I didn't want him to worry about me here at home, when his focus needed to be on his job. Did I miss him, yes, like crazy.

The first couple days I didn't know what to do with myself. We have the same routine so when I came home and that routine wasn't there... I felt a little lost. BUT I got to kick off my shoes as soon as I came in the door with no one to tell me that I should really put them up. Ugh, that totally takes away from the whole kicking off your shoes thing. Although I did trip over my shoes a couple times and thought, grr if Mychael was here those would be put away. I also didn't make the bed one single day. I'm a rebel.

I was really surprised that our furkids took Mychael being away the hardest. Angel just sits and mopes, he didn't sleep with me until last night. He either slept by the front door or at the end of the bed facing the doorway. My little girl Speedette didn't sit and cuddle with me on the couch but sat at the other end of the couch facing the front door. Last night I finally was able to get them to both come to bed and got their little purr motors going. I know they will be super happy to have Mychael home and Angel will be licking Mychael's face and drooling with happiness. Yes, our Angel drools when he is super happy.

Tonight we are going to celebrate Shellie's Flower Guy's birthday, then I plan on keeping Mychael all to myself for the rest of the weekend!

Does your significant other travel for work? 
How did you handle their first trip? 
Are you like me and had previously never slept alone in a house?


  1. Yeah I pretty much ALWAYS need someone to stay with me. It was different when I lived in an apartment complex with tons of other people a wall away, but being in a big house all alone? NO BUENO. Had to call in the reinforcements for a bad movie night. I also retreat to my parents haha. Good for you for braving it alone. My house was built in the 1900's so it's so old and creepy.

  2. My significant other doesn't travel for work, but my dad did often when I was growing up. It was just mom, me and my brother. I cried the first time my dad went away, he gave me his college ring to hold onto until he came back, I was eight. But we had our school and swimming routine, so it didn't really mess up the swing of things.

    I used to live in my apartment alone, but I have slept in my parent's house alone once when my parents unexpectedly stayed over night at the hospital because my mom wasn't feeling well after her surgery.

    Congrats at being so strong :)

  3. Wow!! I'm in shock that you've never been alone overnight before (with exceptions) until now. I lived alone for 3 years. It was lonely, but I like my space. Since moving in with my boyfriend 2 years ago, he's traveled for work a few times... it's tough! I know how you feel. My boyfriend just got a new job that has a possibility of him going to Africa for 5 weeks at a time! Eeek.

  4. Aww! YAY!! I'm glad it's time for him to come back! :)

  5. Glad your getting your man back! :)

  6. I want to hear your secrets!!
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