Friday, July 6, 2012

#FitFluential: 5K Races

a little update for you, my dears! ...running, running with old shoes is painful! I still need to get my butt down to the running store for a new pair of Mizunos!

I haven't run an official race yet, I've completed distances... but that's not enough. I am competitive, but I am scared. I don't like to fail or come in second place. I know I will not "win" but I am still determined, maybe one day I will!

So, why not make some fun out of it in the mean time!? Here are two races which are coming up that I will be at! (given I can get my hands on a ticket!)

The Color Run they just announced on Facebook that they are coming to Houston on November 11th!! Do you realize how happy this makes me? I seen the tweets, blog posts, and facebook photos of friends who have run this elsewhere. I want to be covered in paint too!!

Color Me Rad 5K - They will be in Houston, March 2013. I'm so there! Also, since 2012 they are gluten free. Yay?!

Have you run any races before? Any advice for this girl?


  1. The color run in is in NY in august it sounds like so much fun! I would love to do it but don't want to do it alone! LOL!

  2. I run races all the time. Best advice...have good shoes and don't run a race on shoes that haven't been broken in. Also make sure you get running socks.


  3. Awww booo, color run in NYC is all booked :( :( :( Maybe next time ... or maybe I'll fly out to you and do it with you in November (I wish I had $$$ to do that, it would be AMAZINNNNNNNNG)

  4. i been wanting to go to the color run for some time now!!! i am in dallas so i just might have to make a trip to houston for it! thanks for the info!

  5. I'm running my first 5k on the 28th! Didn't know you were training as well!!

    Yes, girl you have GOT to get some good shoes. I would've quit training had I not snagged myself a new pair.

    Check out my thoughts on training this far. Hope you enjoy!

  6. Hey I just downloaded couch to 5k! super excited!

  7. Ahhhhhh!! I am checking out these races in New York!!!

  8. There was a color run last weekend close by here! I think it looks like a blast. My goal is to run in one eventually!

  9. I really want to do it but will b out on cruise when the sign up is so I'm worried I won't get to.. boo

  10. I'm so glad you mentioned that the color run is coming to Houston! I'm so signing up!! And it's on the boyfriend & I's four year anniversary! Pretty cool!!! :)

    Best advice I can give you for running a 5k (i've done quite a few, as well as a half marathon, triathlons, & 10k's) is to not worry about "winning". I know that might be difficult to keep in mind if you are competitive, but just have fun with it! :) Races are really fun & everyone is always supportive. Best of luck!!

  11. That's awesome you're going to do such a fun race as your first 5k! Just the energy alone, from the participants will help push you through! Enjoy it, though! It'll be a memorable race!

  12. Celia,
    Tell me more about the Color Me Rad race? I think I can be ready by then, especially if I'm doing the Race for the Cure in October (note to self: start runing now -_-). But, is it that colored powder stuff? does it ruin my clothes and shoes?


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