Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Truth or Dare - III

It is time for truth or dare again with

..maybe I am just a complete idiot but the last two times I have linked up for truth or dare I can't get the button to work. But I want to play so I'm gonna. Follow your hosts: Shades of Gray & A Pinch of PinkAn Organized Mess, and Kiss Laugh & Dream


Truth: If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?
Dare: Post a photo of your bedroom as is. Tell about what we see in the photo.


I'll guide you from left to right! =) 
  • Candle sconces, we picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond. I love them because when I am having the worst day the mister will light them up for me so when I get out of the shower the bedroom is lit by candles and it is calming.   
  • Angel photo,  Mychael's Mom gave this to him when he was younger and now it hangs over our bed. I love it. 
  • Oh those paint marks on the trim... I did those. I guess I got a little too paint happy. We haven't fixed them yet, but will. One day. ;) Right now it is a memory of the first weekend we were moving in. 
  • The Teddy Bear on the left side of the bed is the bear Mychael gave me for Valentine's Day one year with a diamond necklace. We returned that necklace the next day for a photo that brought me to tears and it now hangs in our dining room. Want me to share it with you? 
  • The puppy pillow Mychael has had since he was a child. 
  • The yellow pillow you see underneath on the right side of the bed is my birth pillow. It is the one thing I have from when I was younger. It is also the pillow that my Marco used to sleep on.
  • The throw at the end of the bed was given to Mychael by his Mom a while ago, it is a cartoon network throw. 
  • We love white! This is our 2nd or third comforter cover I believe. When we are not home our dear cats like to play in the center of the bed instead of at the end of the bed and have been known to not only nick the fabric but completely rip it.
  • The bed itself we bought in 2009 I believe, we were excited that Mychael's parents were going out of town on 4th of July weekend. We would have the house all to ourselves. At the time Mychael had a waterbed. It was leaking, bad. It was a double - so we were cramped anyway. Not big enough for two people. Mychael decided we would buy a queen sized bed. Since we were cramped on bedroom space the bed would also need to double as a dresser so we found this bed at Bel Furniture and loved it. It was above what he wanted to spend but I loved it, and it transferred well to our first home together. =) 
  • I can not take credit for the room being tidy though, it were just me the bed probably wouldn't be made. I am lucky to have a mister that is OCD about things being clean and everything having its place. 

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    1. Just discovered your blog and I love it!
      I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! xo


    2. Shut the front door! A Cartoon Network throw?!?!?! I'm so jellyyyy!!! :) Thanks for linking up, pretty lady!

    3. I love that there are a lot of sentimental pieces in your bedroom. I have quite a few of those too. I'd have to take running leap to get into that tall bed!! Looks great.

      Stopping in from Truth or Dare.
      Jen @ CraftyMisAdventures.com

    4. So impressed with the cleanliness! Our room is SUCH A MESS and I'd be too embarrassed to show it. Clothes everywhere. Gotta do something about that!

    5. Stopping by from Truth or Dare!

      So clean and comfy looking! Love that the pieces in your room have a history and meaning :) Sounds like you have a great mister!! Happy Tuesday!

    6. I love that everything in your room has such meaning. :-)


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