Friday, August 3, 2012

#FitFluential - Inspire Me: Healthy

All In My Twenties

Y'all when I saw Raven's post pop up in my header I thought I have to do this! Raven and Kristen have started a get fit link-up called Inspire Me: Healthy . Myself and a couple other girls had been brain storming since June to do a link up but we have just been so busy we haven't been able to discuss it and go through with our plan. So thank goodness for Raven and Kristen! Now I can just write.

I've told my story already with Blogger's Biggest Loser, you can read those here, here and here. I kinda back tracked since then, and I refuse to step onto a scale. I'm sure I would have had a complete melt down. I have started running again and have signed up for some 5K races. I have new workout gear that comes in this month that I am excited for. It's sweat activated!!

I gave up all sodas towards the end of last month. Today is Day 12 of soda free me! All I have consumed is iced water with lemon. Oh and I had one starbucks latte last week.

I did the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse and completed it yesterday. Between that and no sodas at all... I feel 100% refreshed. I used to need a giant Monster or Redbull and I don't need those anymore. I don't crave anything that is "bad" for me. I have been trying out the SLAM drinks and haven't decided on a favorite yet.

I'll be back with my before and after measurements. Silly me forgot to take measurements this morning. I can tell you though, I have been walking around the office with pants that used to be my fat pants, then became my barely fit me pants and now, they are fat pants again. They are entirely too loose on my behind, legs and waist. I keep having to pull them up. I have also gone in a notch on my belt loop!

I hope to do this weekly, but if not it will definitely be a biweekly thing for me. I am excited to be able to read about everyone else.


  1. Im a Cougar TOO!!!

    Love the post! Thanks for linking up!!!


  2. I saw Raven's post today too--good for you for joining in! I've been using My Fitness Pal for the past month--if you're on there, find me!

  3. I have been wanting to try Advocare, but it seems SO expensive. I need my "barely fit me pants" to be my "fat pants"!

  4. Keep at it girl!! I need to get back on track as well!!! I gotta fit in my wedding dress at the end of the month :)

  5. Don't hide from the scale and keep working at it! Good luck on your journey. Happy to follow you through the link-up!


  6. Yay! congrats on the pants! lol good luck

  7. You go girl! I have been needing to be healthier as well. Loved reading this, and this series is totally motivating to keep going :)!


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