Friday, August 31, 2012

#GoCoogs - A College Football Colors Linkup!

Happy Friday!!!
Y'all. Today is a super de duper happy friday. I woke up in a fabulous mood. (unlike yesterday, i woke up in the cattiest mood ever!) So, why am I so happy today? Well... for one, it is pay day. Not just any pay day. My first pay day in over a month! Here's the deal. When I took this new job I agreed to temp-to-hire. So I was getting paid every week by a temp agency. I hired on officially with my company on August 1st. On July 31st I found out that our pay cycle isn't once a week, or twice a month, but once a month! I'm pretty sure my eyes were the size of Texas. The one thing I did not ask, "how often do we get paid." Kill me now. Lucky for me, and for the mister I didn't spend all my money from my previous paychecks so I was in pretty decent shape. I am very lucky to have him there to be able to back me up so my account wouldn't go negative, or so that I wouldn't have to call companies to beg and plead that they take some late payments without fees. How much of a headache would that of been? I did cancel a lot of my fun subscriptions and kept my money tight. I didn't even get to do everything that I wanted to do for the mister's birthday. Major bummer but I promised him I would make up for it this month. So after all the bills are paid for the month, and after I've done all my budgeting we'll see how much I can spoil him. All month long I have been saying "when I get paid I am going to do/buy this..." and I also realized that my money supply isn't endless and this getting paid once a month thing may take a little getting used to! Moral of the story. Ask what the pay cycle is when you take a new job. Have any of you had this happen?

On to the fun stuff. Saturday is the start of UH Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! We live for football! This relationship will be temporarily on hold until January. This morning Mrs.Jones tweeted a link for her blog post and it included a link up for college football, OF COURSE I had to create a post! 

The mister and I have been going to UH Football games since 2006 when we both transferred in. We have only missed two games, one due to stupid calculus homework that we didn't finish any way and the other due to some serious weather. When the mister graduated in 2010 we became season ticket holders! It is a blast and I can't get enough of it. I want to be that really old couple that brings their children and grand-kids out to the stadium every weekend! 

We originally bought in with one of our friends, and have now branched off on our own for the past couple years and have a strong group of 12 season ticket holders! Some are alum and former students, others we just brought out to a game or two and they became hooked on the energy that erupts from our tailgates and the stadium!

Football season is a time for us to catch up with our friends, yell, cheer, get drunk have fun, make new friends, and support our university. This year, we are getting married mid-football season. You bet your cute little behind that we will still show up to the home game on our wedding day! If you see a girl out there in her wedding dress and her ladies in their red dresses come on over and say hello!

Of course we are cheering on more than a handful of NFL teams as well as we watch some of our former players in the NFL and we are cheering on Case Keenum loud and proud here in Houston as he fights for a spot on the Houston Texans roster. Everyone seems to really love him, so here's to wishing him the best of luck. 

Do you follow college football? I want to know who your team is! I'll cheer them on for you and it gives me reason to watch more football! How deep does your passion go?


  1. Its all about the U!! University of Miami!



  2. I have a couple of teams, but first and foremost I am a Clemson Tiger fan!! I also root for the University of South Carolina too :)

  3. Girl talk to me ANYTIME about this! I was also temp to hire and got paid weekly. BUT when I got hired on, my company pays hourly employees weekly. Salaried employees get paid monthly, on the Thursday on or before the 15th. It was a little hard to transition, but because it's on or before the 15th, I was able to make a bill calendar to figure out how to pay our bills and when each month. PS- it works because B is paid weekly and our finances are combined. I actually really like it, because in one day I pay nearly all of bills for that month!!!! Let me know if you want to see the calendar I use! And as for Football... GO IU!!! Love our Indiana Hoosiers but also we're Notre Dame fans! (and are big Colts fans too... we're a big Indiana sports family!)

  4. I should clarify- I was hourly for about a year but when I took the new job with my company I had to switch from hourly with weekly pay to salaried with monthly pay. The harder part? Not getting paid for all my OT!!!! :)

  5. I went to Tulane, and our football team wasn't much to speak of, so I'm not that into college football . . . but I'm a huge NFL fan! I'm a Saints girl all the way. I've got all my gear ready and can't wait for the games to start! I basically plan all my weekends around football games throughout the season. LOVE that y'all are going to the game on your wedding day--that's the cutest EVER!!!!

  6. So glad you linked up! I love your pictures. Looks like you guys have had a blast! Happy football season!

  7. My hubs is a HUGE cowboy fan, me...not into football at all. I do like to get together with other people and chat, cook and drink though. So I happily welcome football season. :)

    Thanks for Co-Hosting Celia. It's always nice to find new blogs to follow. I've been following Nathan for sometime now. Hope you have a great Labor Day.

    Gwen @

  8. thanks for hosting the new members blog hop. I went to Indiana, so I am a basketball girl =) Go Hoosiers!


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