Thursday, August 2, 2012

#SawPinnedConquered - Monogram Wreath

When Amy asked me if I would like to co-host a new link up with her, I had to say yes! I love Pinterest and I have tried a couple recipes here and there. On my old account I had pinned lots of things I wanted to do but I never really got around to doing it. Well, with my new account I have vowed that I will try to the best of my ability to do the things I pin!

Last week Amy launched her #SawPinnedConquered series! Check it out here.

I love wreaths, but good gosh they are expensive. Well, the customizable ones are. Last year I saw people pinning monogrammed wreaths, I loved them, but was too lazy and too distracted to make my own. A couple weeks ago I decided to google how to make my own monogrammed wreath. I came across Chlesea's blog called two twenty one and she has the best tutorial on a Jute Monogram Wreath! I printed that baby out and pinned it.

It wasn't hard at all and took me less than an hour. Want to see?

Please pay no mind to the color of the door, we bought a condo and this is the color they want all the front doors to be.

I am thinking that I may cut the ribbon and hang the H a little higher.

I think I did pretty good considering this was my first time doing anything like this! I may make some of these as gifts for friends! I know I would have been ecstatic if I would have received something like this.

All of my supplies were less than $20 ! That included the glue gun, and glue sticks. One thing though, my glue gun leaks. I have to keep a paper towel under it so it doesn't leak onto the table. Perhaps I bought one that was too cheap? Those of you who craft on the regular, do you have a glue gun that you absolutely love? Or is this normal?

If you have made something recently inspired by Pinterest, please get your posts together grab a button from her site and link up with us! I can't wait to hop around and see what everyone else has made that was inspired by Pinterest. Follow me here.

(Note: Amy's internet is currently down, but she will have her post up sometime today so be sure to keep checking out her page to see what she has been up to!)


  1. OMG!!!! That's so adorable!!!!
    I don't know if I'd hang it outside my apartment door since the way it's facing...blah, blah blah...nobody would see it. But that would definitely be something I could hang on my bedroom door since my bedroom door is part of my living room in a noticable place.

  2. Oh...the glue gun "leaking", I think it's normal. My mom had a heavy duty once, as well as the small cheap ones...they both leaked.

  3. I LOVE THIS! My initial is H too so I think I am going to have to steal yours. ORRRR I can try to make my own, LOL. LOVE IT! Also all glue guns will "leak" but I don't think it's really leaking. Since the glue gun melts the glue it will drip a little as long as it is at the temperature it needs to be at to squeeze nicely. I usually put mine on a paper plate to catch the drips.

  4. Very cute and great job! And yes that is normal- I don't craft a lot anymore but I used to and my mom does and they always leak, you have to put something under it to catch it!

  5. yay! I made one of these too, but yours looks much better!! The R was really hard to do!

  6. I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and I saw this little project on there and thought it was adorable. I like how you added the red bow. Adorable!

  7. 1) iw as just about to comment on the color of the door. LOVE it! sorry you hate it...i think it's adorable.

    2) I can't see the whole door but from the picture you posted...don't cut the ribbon! it's just the right length i think.

    3) great job celia!


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