Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Planning - just under 2 months!

We are under two months until our wedding date! Can you believe it? After an almost 2yr engagement the time is ever so close and everything seems to be going by so quickly! Here is where we are on our wedding planning so far...

  • Rentals - quotes received and since are having such a small wedding the pricing isn't that bad! Yippee! 
  • Floral - I really think I may make my own bouquets. I took floral design in highschool and was really good at it. I think I can get my creative side going for a bit. I know someone who can probably have the flowers ordered for me and I can get them at a cheap(ish) price. I'm thinking sunflowers... I love sunflowers and I don't think Mychael nor myself will have an allergy issues with them. Here are a couple of inspirations. 
- I love the simplicity of all Sunflowers, plus my girls will be in red dresses and I think the yellow will be so pretty against them. 

    I love adding in some roses for extra color on mine as well, but I think I am still steering towards all sunflowers.

    • Ceremony / Officiant - Our ceremony site has been booked for months now and is a local garden. Mychael and I chose this site together and felt it had the small intimate feel we wanted. Our officiant will be a former local judge who has watched me grow up! 
    • The Wedding Cake - my friend Shellie has offered to do our cake for us! I know that I want something simple and smooth and perhaps with live flowers on it. The groom's cake, Mychael wants it to be UH related. Shellie has come up with a half and half idea which I still need to go over with Mychael and I think it could be a really nice cake and definitely reflect our personalities. The hardest part will be choosing which flavors! 
    • The Rehearsal Dinner - this may be hosted at our place or at a small local restaurant. This is actually something that I am the least concerned with. Perhaps because we have kept our wedding so small? 
    • Invitations - I could not find anything that I really loved or really reflected our personalities. The paid invites were too expensive for the size of our wedding and the free ones didn't give me the freedom that I needed with wording. I used to be artsy and crafty so I decided to give my creative side a shot and actually came up with a really cute and simple design. I just need to go and have it printed and mail them out. It needs to happen this week. NEEDS TO HAPPEN! Want a glimpse? 
    • Reception - friends of the family have offered to host and take care of the reception costs. We could not be more grateful or happier. This was actually our biggest headache! There wasn't a place that either of us were completely happy with. This site pleased both of us. 
    • Photography - The lovely Emily (local blogger) of Fleurish Imagery will be capturing moments from our wedding ceremony!
    Savanah sent me this photo from Pinterest and I decided that I MUST have a similar shot taken, with our UH game worn jersey... 

    There are more little details that need to be taken care of but right now, this is the big stuff =)


    1. How exciting! I think I've been following you most of the 2 years :)

      Love that last shot- hopefully they can photoshop in the eye-grease!

    2. The sunflowers will be gorgeous for the wedding and will look fabulous in the pictures. You def. need to take one of those football shots - love it!

    3. Oh girl, I love that football pic....totally do that!

    4. I love the sunflowers! I can't wait to see everything come together!

    5. How exciting it is almost here! Love the sunflowers and that pic would be so cute!

    6. I think all sunflowers is the way to go.
      Game worn jersey...YES!!

    7. I love that you're doing so much of it on your own, makes it more personal. I love sunflowers, and I think they'll be really pretty!

    8. Wheeeee =] It's getting so close! I think the sunflowers are a great idea!

    9. I am so so excited for yoooou!! Beautiful the invitations!
      Where will your reception be? How amazing thatyour family & friends are doing that <3
      That's the biggest issue right now...can't find somewhere I like - within a reasonable amount of money. :(
      Anyways how small is your wedding?

    10. Love the sunflowers and the bridal picture with the jersey is awesome!!

    11. I didn't know that Emily was doing your pictures! How exciting?!

    12. i LOVE the sunflowers! so pretty :) and that bouquet is beautiful!
      p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

      xo brie

    13. Sunflowers are my favorite flower! Everything looks like it coming together and I'm sure you're starting to get even more excited with each passing day!

    14. Thanks to sharing like nice post to as. Nice information for wedding planning and Nice photos. The flowers are so cute. The every steps impressed me lot and i like your post. Over all beautiful tips to plan the wedding

    15. How exciting! Love the sunflowers- so beautiful. Can't believe it's already so close!


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