Friday, September 21, 2012

Eyeglass Accessories

...or is there such a thing as eyeglass accessories? 

my first pair of glasses, ever!

I'm 28 (almost) and now wear glasses for computing and for driving. Eep! Help a girl out because I am clueless. Where do you get cute eyeglass cases? I need help! 

Also I had my glasses on for just a bit this morning and my eyes felt all funny. Any advice for this newbie and how to get my eyes used to wearing glasses while I am at the computer? The doctor said I may feel dizzy for a bit at first, I want to minimize this...


  1. Check Nordy's or Macy's they have a ton. Also, that is normal to feel that way. You eyes are just adjusting. I have worn glasses since I was 13 and am blind as a bat. I feel like I am in a fishbowl with new glasses. You may get some headaches at first, but your eyes are adjusting. Maybe start with small increments.

  2. How did you figure out your eyes were getting worse? My vision is still good but I worry about not knowing when I should go to the eye doctor. I know that it will eventually happen because everyone else in my family wears glasses, so any insight you can share with me would be helpful!

  3. I agree with Kate ... go in small increments with your glasses. I wear my contacts almost non-stop, so I still get headaches when I wear my glasses.

    I've actually gotten cute eyeglass cases at places like DEB and Claires before.

  4. Mrs. Kee,
    If your budget allows, get your eyes checked every year, which is what I do. Back in the day when I has in middle school, I was able to get my eyes check through the school nurse for free. Since everyone in my family wears glasses, I had it coming as well. It was obvious that my eyes we going bad when I the text on the overhead projector was blurry. So I went to the professional eye doctor.
    My only "not official" test is that if it becomes difficult to tell between "e" and "o" or "l" and "i", you should get your eyes checked out.


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