Monday, October 1, 2012

Can Bridezilla Come Out to Play?

You know I told myself that I wouldn't let this wedding get the best of me. It is just one day. I have been completely calm and laid back through out the almost 2 year engagement.

Then over this weekend we find out that Mychael's wedding party won't be at the reception at all (NFL game on that Sunday). This morning, well the football game (college) starts at the same time as our wedding ceremony. 

We looked long and hard at the schedules and past schedules to plan our wedding around University of Houston football. We planned our wedding early enough to make it out to an early afternoon game or an evening game. We even planned to have our wedding reception the next day. 

Now its all just ruined. Or that's how it feels... I'm tried my hardest not to let it get to me but all I can think is "the wedding is ruined!" 

le sigh. 

Someone bring me a cupcake or four.

- I also just found out the aunt that I was closest to growing up can't make it to Houston for the wedding.
-The band who is supposed to play at the ceremony won't return my phone calls.
Margaritas anyone? 


  1. um i think missing a game is worth your wedding (just my two sense)
    love you babe, and its not ruined..all will be okay!

  2. wow how terrible! If it were me, I wouldn't stand for people that important to me missing our big day for a sports game. I know not everyone thinks like me though.

  3. I agree with Ashleigh. I love the Coogs just as much as the next fan, but missing ONE game is totally worth missing for your friends' wedding! Where do I need to send the cupcakes? I got you! <3

  4. I'm calling super BS on that one. Especially if you're IN the wedding. That's ridiculous. Someone needs to lay down the law. Not very good friends to have on your side if you're bailing on what is one of the best days of your buddy's life.

  5. That's crappy. tell those guys to bring their iphones to the reception and they can get their damn game updates!

    This happened to my sister, too, except it was our MOM that told her certain she couldn't have the wedding on because of a football game!

  6. Oh no, I'm sorry girl! I think it's pretty sad if they don't want to miss ONE game. You only get married once, they should totally miss!

  7. You love football. Completely understandable. But missing ONE game for such an important day in your lives?!! Definitely.

    No offence, but my two sents? Teevo it!

    If your friends/ wedding party really cared about you guys, they would sacrifice one day!

    You only go through this amazing day ONCE!

    Be happy about it!

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love <33

  8. I missed the North Texas game to attend Bill and Angelle's wedding last year. I was really bummed out because it was the new stadium, but I tracked the game during the reception, so it wasn't the end of the world, but I totally understand where your frustraction comes from.

    I can send you a TV to watch the game on during your wedding :p

    If I got an invite to your wedding, I would've skipped the game for you <3

  9. Wait, what? They're not coming because they have to watch football?! Is it a crazy important game?! I don't get it.

  10. Maybe you can find a way to let the game play at or after the reception... Tell those groomsman their just gonna have to suck it uo and attend the wedding! lol

    as for your aunt not becing able to make it; sorry about that. Family is always important on events like weddings! Hope everything else works out for your big day

  11. You are NOT bridezilla! Trust me, I've known a few...

    Your wedding is an important day. Football is on every week, the groomsmen and skip the game! We all know that they can look at their phones for score updates!

    If I was closer, I would absolutely bring you out for cupcakes and margaritas.

  12. I love football, but the WEDDING PARTY is skipping the reception for a game?!? No wonder you are upset. I am praying everything works out!!!

  13. I agree... put your foot down, it's important that those people are there for you.

    We're die hard Sox fans and our reception was the same time as a Sox/Yankees game so we talked to the venue about wheeling in some tv's and having it going near the bar set up or the back of the room away from the dance floor.

    In the end, most people were having too much fun at the wedding so even watch the game.

    Your soon to be should realize that your reception is more important than one game and lay down the law to his friends.

  14. Ah I would love to send you lots of Margaritas and cupcakes. This stress will all be over soon!

  15. That stinks about your aunt. I'm sorry!

  16. I also had a two year engagement, and believe you me, the week of my wedding was absolute HELL. Complete with my water heater blowing up and ruining all of my paper goods (seating cards, programs, special order napkins, etc..) My only advice to offer you though, is really, don't worry too much about things you cannot control (football schedules). The important people will be there, and your wedding will be amazing. Can you have someone else reach out to your band?

    Eat a cupcake, have a Margarita and take a deep breathe.

  17. When things got crazy for our wedding, I just kept reminding myself that no matter what, on that day I was marrying the man of my dreams and that was the most important thing. I didn't care what else happened as long as we were married by the end of the day.


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