Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its Okaaayyy!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's been a while since I have done an "Its OK" Thursday post with the lovely Amber and Neely. The wedding is over and we are slowly starting to feel like we have control over our lives again. I missed my blogging world and I am excited to start writing again and to read some of my favorite real life bloggers. So let's get this party started...
Its Ok to...
...catch yourself staring at your rings while you are driving, typing, cooking, writing, fixing your hair.
...ask "oooh who got married" when you see a twitter avi and then realize its you in the photo.
...take down the ads from your site early October because there was a virus linked to one of them.
...rethink your blogging reads and start a new list of blogs to read.
...give up on friendships, sometimes people just weren't meant to be life long friends. excited for vacations we have planned for next year.
...want to renovate your place but not want to put all the work in. ready for children, but just not believe it is the right place and time.
...until next time!


  1. I can't wait to see more of your wedding pictures! I remember when I got married I used to state at my rings all the time and I totally feel ya on the reevaluating friends and blog rolls.

  2. Eeek, so fun to look down and see your rings!!!

    Thanks for linking up friend :)

  3. I am so excited to see your wedding pictures! I also agree the kids point. I am so there with you!

  4. I still say have babies; they would be SO cute!

  5. I need to rethink my blog list too! There are so many blogs on there that I don't even know where to start sometimes...

    Can't wait to see wedding pics and hear all about it!

  6. ah i want one too! you know there will never be the perfect timing for a baby.. just go for it ;)

  7. yay!!
    I love redoing my blog list!! :) I want to redo our house too esp now that the wedding is over. I cant wait to see your wedding photos !!!!
    HAVE BABIES!!!! :)

  8. I've been tweaking my list of bloggy reads too!

  9. ah swoon on the rings one!!

    Have a great night! xoxo

  10. Congrats on celebrating your big day!
    I feel ya on revamping th blog reading list. I think it's normal, though. We all find our way eventually, and sometimes it's not in sync with what we originally thought was our niche.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Ps: come back and link up your button, if you want, since I'm on yours! (Code is adventure)


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