Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isaac Strong

Oh hi there. That's me up there holding a sticky note saying Isaac Strong! If the family is reading this I'm here to say hello, to cheer on your baby boy, and keep him + your family in my thoughts and prayers.

For my family, friends, and readers. Who is Isaac you ask? Well, last night I thought perhaps Isaac Strong was the latest vampire celeb, or rock star. I saw the hashtag in my time line and clicked it. I came across Erin's blog and started to read. My little heart started to ache. You can read her first entry here, and second entry here. I'll wait for you to read and then come back.

Heartbreaking, no? I've read a few entries from his parents online journal and I felt the tears roll down my face. I can't imagine. I'm no a Mom yet, we want children one day. Perhaps this is why I feel I am not ready yet. I love my parents to death and never thought I could love someone just the same. Then I met Mychael and I started to love him unconditionally. I didn't think that was possible. My Mom friends tell me that the love of your child is like nothing you've felt before. How does one deal with a child having cancer? How would I deal with it? Would I be strong enough for my child?

I love that Erin is doing everything she can to shed light on Isaac and his family. Will you do the same?


  1. My mom had breast cancer. It's no fun being a family member having to deal with it. I can't even imagine having cancer :(

  2. I love all the love that little Isaac is getting!


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