Monday, November 12, 2012

The unSimply Life V.2

Boooo its Monday! Blech. Soooo you wanna know what I've been up to? Maybe? Yes, no? Oh well, you're getting a photo dump anywhoodle!

Kitty cuddles are always a must. Pictured above is our little girl, Speedette. She's become more of a cuddler over the past two years (since losing our other two furbabies) and I love it! She doesn't cuddle at night but if I'm covered in a blanket on the couch she will hop right up and snuggle with me.
I love to cook at home, I'm the biggest advocate of eating a fresh home cooked meal but boy oh boy after coming home from work after being gone for almost 12hrs sometimes a girl needs a break! Have any of your had Hobbit Cafe in Houston? It is delish! I usually go for the Avacado Burger, this time Mychael had the Lamb Burger and said it was very yummy. I'm pretty sure Panera has the best tomato soup! We went out a couple weekends ago to my favorite restaurant and rarely do we have dessert when we go out but this time I ordered the Tres Leches Cake...yuuuuummm!!
The football season is coming to an end, sadly it is our last season at Robertson Stadium. Although I am excited for our university to have a new stadium there are so many memories at Robertson. I can't promise you I won't cry at the end of our last home game in a couple weeks. Our team has been getting their tails whipped this season, its been a rough year to be a Houston Cougar, regardless I still cross my fingers every game that they will get their act together and have some amazing chemistry out on the field. At least we have great friends...
I made Chicken Stuffed Shells and Cheesy Beef Enchiladas this past week. Yum yum, I have received requests for recipes on both and I'll post them this week.
I still love my job! I have been here for 8 months already! It seems like just yesterday that I walked into my old boss's office to hand in my 2 weeks notice, scared out of my mind and wondering if I made the right decision. I don't about y'all but pretty pens make me do my job better.
I've been doing some online shopping for the holidays!! If you haven't joined ebates, you need to! It's like getting paid to shop and they give you promo codes to help you save even more money! Yesterday we bought some clothes online that should have cost us about $400 and we paid about $200 for them... that's not counting the cash back we will receive.
...and let me just say. I am so excited that the election is over. I don't think I could take all the annoying tweets. Surprisingly my Facebook feed with all my real life friends was pretty quiet. It was Twitter that I had to unfollow, mute, and roll my eyes at. Both republicans and democrats were bashing each other equally and claiming they were appalled at the other side. Oh em gee. Now... if we can just get past all the bashing of our President. Then again, no matter who won, someone would have something to say. Rawr!
Cupcakes anyone?


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