Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The unSimply Life V.3

Happy Tuesday!! I'm not working today, or for the rest of the week!!! Yay!

Here are a few of my favorite things:
For my hands, Carol's Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure In A Jar 2 oz . It makes my hands super soft and smooth. I feel like I have just received a manicure every time I use it.
For my phone, a case from Luxury Cases for my iPhone 5. My local Apple store and Verizon store don't have cases yet.. so when I tweeted desperately that I needed a case Kelly from Messy.Dirty.Hair came to the rescue. You can read her review of the product here, annnnd she shares some promo codes!
For my body and sanity, Red Bull. We have stayed out late a couple times this past week and although I love me some Red Bull I try my hardest to boost my energy naturally but I was so thankful that Klout sent me a 4pack, it was my life saver!

Last Thursday night we went to Dosey Does for an evening concert with Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket and his brother Grant Lee. I loved the venue, it was so cozy and relaxed. We'll definitely be back there again.

I always love the holiday season. It's my favorite time of the year. This year one of our local radio stations has already started playing Christmas music. That makes this girl, super happy! If your local radio isn't playing it yet feel free to go to Sunny 99.1 and listen live.
I am 10000000 times more excited for the holiday season this year because it is our first as a married couple. We really get to establish traditions as The Houcks, and I can't wait. I have to thank Savanah for inviting me out to the Nutcracker Market last year and introducing me to the wonderful ornament lady, I went this year just to visit her booth and get us an official ornament, complete with our two little kitties.
I am also happy for this holiday season because our little furkids are 100% healthy, and that's more than I can say for the last two holiday seasons.

This past weekend Mychael and I took the weekend for ourselves, both individually and as a couple. It was needed. We have been going 100 miles an hour and haven't stopped. We didn't take a vacation after the wedding, and have both been busy with work, friends, life, and just everything in between. We were tired, and were starting to bicker a lot, over anything and everything and we weren't really taking the time to sit and talk like we normally would. We have worked out so well over the years because of our communication. We talk about everything and we tell each other the second we have an issue. That hadn't happened in a while. I felt disconnected, so we took a break from everything and everyone.
Friday night was spent with us talking, both of us crying, and just laying in each others arms. We did find out some bad news regarding family, which for now, I'll just ask if you can keep the family in your prayers until we receive more information late this week. 
Saturday, we stayed around the house, watched the University of Houston game and ordered pizza from Papa Johns. SO good. Then we went out on a date that night, dinner and a movie. Just like old times. I was happy that I was able to put on a sweater. It was finally cool enough to cozy up and put on some boots. We watched saw Skyfall, the new 007 movie. I don't remember seeing any of the previous James Bond movies so I can't compare, but I did love it.
Sunday we had lunch with my parents, watched football, had my windshield replaced, and napped. The weekend was like hitting the refresh button for our relationship. Now we're ready to start our holiday vacation and step away from work (as much as we can) for a little while.

Do you ever need a refresh button for your relationship? 
What are your plans this Thanksgiving?


  1. You always need a refresh button!!! Hubs and I literally did NOTHING on Sunday. We took the time to relax and re-charge both of our bodies and mind. It was much needed. We will be at the in-laws for Thanksgiving, makes me happy because I don't have to cook! I just bake which I love anyways. :)

  2. I'm spending time with family :)

    Check out my tips for a healthier Thanksgiving!


  3. absolutely need to refresh, especially around this time. it's good for my relationship!

  4. Yes, and sadly, I didn't push that button ever. Looking back on it, I wish I did but I don't think it would've helped.
    I feel like someone pushed that button for me, except it was more like the "Eject" button. As much as it hurt, I am so grateful that someone did push that button and I am so blessed to have had those certain people there when it was all happening.

    I'm running the Turkey Trot tomorrow morning!!! I am so excited. Then I'm going to watch the Texans games with my folks, and hang out with some friends who's family aren't in Houston.


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