Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We love Pink's!

Every home game the mister and I along with our fabulous friends tailgate. Our friend Audra is an event planner extraordinaire! No, no, it isn't her day job. She just loves her Houston Cougars as much as we do, and possibly even more. She is so dedicated to tailgating she's been known to show up before 8am to grab her spot. Dedication! 

This past weekend she wasn't able to use the barbeque pit that her Dad normally brings out. Boo. What are we to do? Then there was the "remember when?" moment. Last year we were tailgating next to Pink's Pizza. They came over and asked us if we would like some pizza and I thought sure, pizza is pizza. Grabbed myself a piece and oh my goodness. This wasn't just pizza. It was delicious! Pink's doesn't just do your ordinary pizza they have 11 specialty pizzas! ELEVEN! They also have sandwiches, pasta, and salad in case you're not in the mood for pizza (in that case I would wonder who you are and why we are even friends!). So be sure to check out their menu!

 While Mychael and I were out looking for wedding venues we saw one and had my stomach not been full already we would have been sitting our behinds in that Pink's. Because, you know, food > wedding planning. Anywhoodle. Getting side tracked. Our group got together this weekend and enjoyed some delicious Pink's Pizza courtesy of their North Shepherd location and we had the pleasure of meeting up with Ken who was super fab! 

This is our last season at Robertson Stadium, and speculation is that next year we will be playing at Reliant Stadium (home of the Houston Texans) so we are trying our best to make these last couple tailgates end with a bang and make tons of memories! 

Pictured above: Shellie from Terribly Lovely 
 Be sure to connect with Pink's Pizza if you're in the Houston area, and if you're not... next time you come to town give me a ring and we'll have a Pink's Pizza date!


  1. Will you still be able to tailgate at the new stadium?

  2. Will you still be able to tailgate and all that fun stuff at the new stadium? ANDDDDDDD when I finally make it out to visit you we need a Pink's Pizza date!!!! :-)

  3. Pink's is the best! My hubs and I are there almost weekly :)


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