Thursday, November 8, 2012

You better be skinny...

for my wedding, is what I told Shellie. I'm just kidding, kinda, maybe... of COURSE I'm kidding y'all!

My friends and I are very self-aware of our bodies and strive to be lean, fit, glowy, and healthy (most of the time). But sometimes, you need a little help.

Tonight KTRK will be airing their "Mommy Makeover" special and your fellow fiery blogger, Shellie, is the focus!

Tune in tonight at 10PM (CST) !!

Would you ever go under the knife for beauty? I would.

**updated 11/9/12**
See the news story here.
Updated post here.  


  1. Hey! new here. I think it's good to tell eachother to look good. Personally right now I wouldn't go under the knife. but you never know!
    Helene in Between

  2. definitely, if im not happy about something and i cant change it.. then why not pay for it. if it helps you and makes you feel better! go for it.

  3. I probably would only if I exhausted all other options.


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