Monday, December 17, 2012

Its a brand new week.

Hello lovely readers! It's Monday again, bleeeeh.

I'm sharing my holiday nails again with At the Pink of Perfection for #MerryManicures, if you have some festive fingers I'd love to see your pretty nails too so go ahead, snap a picture and link up!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - 30 Red Carpet
JULEP - Bombshell Collection - Cindy


I'm also participating in a new link up today called {5 for Five}. The goal is to list 5 things you wish to accomplish within the next 5 days, then next week recap and set another 5 goals. Lets get started.


1.) I hope to pop out of bed every day at 5am when my alarm goes off. 
I have a nasty habit of resetting my alarm for 520am, then shutting that off and getting out of bed at 615am when Mychael's alarm goes off.

2.) Go running at least twice this week. 
I took two months off running. My legs and feet took a beating, from nasty shin splints (I couldn't even walk back to my starting point of a run), to almost falling down a flight of stairs and scrapping the top of my foot on cement stairs, to banging my foot so hard in to a wall that my toe nail went into my skin.

3.) Start taking any clothes out of my closet that I won't be wearing over the next week or so. 
We'll be renovating our closet over the Christmas break!

4.) Wrap presents. 
I have 99% of my Christmas shopping done... but none are wrapped. This needs to happen... and I need to remember to bring Mychael's presents home from my office. 

5.) Blog all 5 days this week. 
I want to get back into my blogging habits. I need to find a balance of when I can write. I won't take away time from my friends, family, and husband just to be active here, so I need to find that sweet spot of time. =)


Also, lets take a moment to talk about "not everything I tweet is about you". See tweet below. 

I made a typo there should be "help" between can't and but. Oopsies. Here's the deal y'all. I follow about 1700 people. 99.9% of the time I don't view it with my lists, I also don't scroll through to look at every single tweet. I have a job that doesn't allow me to sit on social media all day. Sure I take little breaks here and there and may respond to whichever tweet may be there when I launch the app. 
As bloggers and tweeters you have to have thick skin and you can't think that every single tweet is in direct response to YOUR tweets. I had a friend who thought that it may be towards her. She did the right thing and asked me, allowed me time to respond and that was that. I took a look at her timeline and saw that she was part of a group that was organizing some type of awareness for the school shooting in CT. I didn't really look into it, but great for them.

Then I received a DM from another blogger 
 When I tried to respond, I couldn't. I figured it was just twitter being a pain in the behind and needed to be updated. This wasn't the case, I had been blocked. Wow. I was away from my phone maybe 5 minutes. I was informed this blogger just knew I was talking about her. When I told them she wasn't who I was talking about, especially since I hadn't seen her tweets I was told she didn't believe me. Okay. Since I don't really know her in real life, I just let it roll off my back. I'm not going to shed any tears, or try to beg and plead.  That's just ridiculous.

I was sent screenshots of her tweets from that day and from yesterday. Which, to me just looked like cries for attention. To each their own. (honestly, I don't need screenshots people. i appreciate you trying to look out for me...BUT I don't form that strong of bonds with people I rarely make contact with) I know others were tweeting a message similar to me, if they were talking about her and her group I have no earthly idea. That's their business not mine. Its really a shame that people take things so personally. In my opinion if any one thought I was speaking about them and whatever they were writing, that's their guilty conscience. If I thought every tweet was about me, I'd be a paranoid mess. And a little full of myself....

It seems like this tragedy has created such hostility on Twitter. 
You're a horrible person if you didn't dedicate your whole weekend to tweeting or blogging about what happened. I don't operate that way. I saw people tweeting about being up all night crying, and crying all weekend who have on numerous occasions said they hated children and/or never wanted kids. Makes no sense to me.

I didn't watch ANY coverage on what was going on. (I didn't need to anyway, my whole twitter timeline was full of updates as well as my facebook) I can't stand watching the news about disasters or tragedies. And after having my own horrible experience I know that some people don't want to turn on the TV and have their current issues shoved in their faces.The media goes way overboard.
Now I know that there is a National Day of Silence today by half of blog world, and a National Day of Silence tomorrow by half of blog world. Participate if you want, but don't judge others if they don't. Not everyone has the same beliefs or deals with things in the same way.
I won't apologize for what I tweet. My timeline, my tweets and nothing is ever completely astonishing.

I used to let things on Twitter/Blog world get under my skin. I learned quickly that people pretend to be much bigger in the internet and some people only have this pretend world they have created. Its sad. I'm lucky I'm not one of them. 

That is all. Hope everyone has a happy happy joy joy day! I know I will! Mwah! 


  1. I agree with you. What haloed Friday was terrible but st the same time with out said ding insensitive life must go on. Do I feel terrible for what happened yes I do but my life can not top because there are people dying in the world. People die daily and it's sad but again life has to move on. Some people make it about them and make it sound like its been them personally who have been affected. No it's not you it's those families in CT let them have their space and peace an time to grieve.

  2. Girl, people are like that on Facebook too and it drives me CRAZY!! It's one of the reasons my relationship went to shit, he thought everything I posted was about him and our argument just because I wrote that I was a upset about something. Hello!! I can be upset about other things and other people too!! Then he would block me from his posts. *annoyed*
    I'm just glad that's all over with and out of my hair.

    But yea, I'm like you, I say things how I see it, and it bites me in the butt too because it rubs people the wrong way. Tough. If you don't like that I say things as they are, then don't be my friend. If you want to unfriend me and/or block me, great! One less person/thing to stress me out. That also shows that they didn't accept me for who I am.

    And I also don't go through my twitter feed, I just don't have the time.

  3. I've had this happen to me.
    I used twitter to vent about a facebook friend and a twitter follower took it to heart and flipped out on me, then bashed me after deleting me. I even tweeted her back telling her it wasn't about her AT ALL and she hadn't even crossed my mind when I posted the tweet.

  4. 100% agree. I also got backlash on stuff I tweeted . Someone even said they unfollowed me and are praying for me since I was "rude". Um, no... I am not rude when I just mention that people deal with things differently. Ugh... very annoying. It's hard to not let those things get to you. But we have to move on. Their loss, not ours. You go girl!

  5. Love your cute festive Christmas nails!! I too am going to paint mine Christmasy colors this week. :)

  6. Love your goals! I look forward to reading your blog 5 times this week for sure :)

    I believe that social media is really supposed to be used for information, humor and happiness. I appreciate people's strong feelings and decisions to broadcast them but I believe that just because you can doesn't mean you should.

  7. I have to start off by saying that I am sure there are people, bloggers etc out there that use tragedy to their advantage to get more traffic, so I can’t disagree with you here.

    But given the date of your tweet…I assume...ASSUME it was about the shooting…I could be wrong…I don’t know if you hit a deer that day…or if some other terrible thing happened. I am just assuming.

    But if I am correct, this means you were probably speaking about someone who was participating/spearheading some sort of fund raiser or something for the victims of Sandy Hook. Which means you didn’t STUMBLE upon anybody’s timeline and find out about the day of silence.

    Let’s be real, no one had to go looking for the BIG BLUE BUTTON. We have all been posting that thing all over the web for days. Not for any other reason than to bring support to the victims of a certain MASS MURDER that happened a few days ago.

    For you to say anything ill about anyone who selfishly or unselfishly is trying to raise MONEY for the families of these kids and teachers who are DEAD, makes you a terrible person. You are severely lacking somewhere in the heart department. And trust me…I am trying REALLY hard to use my nice words.

    It doesn’t matter WHY anyone does anything. What matters is that people can afford to mourn their dead. What matters is that these parents don’t have to stress over financial responsibilities while thinking about their 5 year old being shot in the face.

    Your argument is completely invalid.

  8. I don't know the girl who commented above me, but I see that the tweet and the DM were posted the day of the shooting, which makes it impossible for you to have had that conversation after DAYS of seeing fundraisers or memorials or what have you.
    What an angry comment.

    Love your nails! I need to get a holiday mani this week :)

  9. I'm with TerriblyLovely, every word. Including the mani.

  10. I deal with the. Twitter thing alllllllllll the time. I have always used twitter as an outlet when I'm upset. I def have had people text me thinking a tweet was about them when it wasn't. It drives me crazy people can be so self consuming they think everything revolves around them. Most likely I'm talking about people I actually know in real life.

  11. Wow, that comment up there was extremely rude. I hope she knows that in calling you rude, she was doing the exact same thing.

    I don't think that you're necessarily wrong in saying what you did. It's sad that sometimes we have to filter what we say on Twitter, but I've had to stop tweeting things because people take it too personally. Would I have said that? No. But it doesn't give anyone the right to call you heartless. It also doesn't excuse those bloggers who responded to you from being immature and blocking you. The language they used was so juvenile.

    But the main thing is, it's your Twitter, you can say whatever the hell you want without being chastised for it. The end.

  12. cute holiday mani! and good goals for the week- i need to be better at jumping up at 5:30 AM too!
    interesting thoughts about the tragedy..hoping people only wrote about it out of respect, but you may be right that some use it to their benefit. either way, praying for the families affected and for our country! xo
    now following..

  13. For the record...I didn't call her rude...

  14. I love this holiday mani! I'm thinking about trying it out for Christmas.
    Penniless Socialite
    Enter My December Giveaway!

  15. Thanks for linking up with us for {5 for Five}! Always glad to have you :) You have some fantastic goals- hoping out of bed at 5am?! I'm proud of you, girl!

    I hope that all is going great with your goals this week! Can't wait to check in next week and see how you do!

  16. My thoughts? I was on vacation when this happened. I AM a teacher. I physically was unable to participate in the support going on in blog world, because I had guest posts scheduled and no way to really write posts last week. I didn't even have Twitter access. I felt like a heartless oddball because I couldn't do what others were doing in support of Sandy Hook (once I saw what every other blogger was doing). However, now I realize that what they're doing is a nice gesture. But NOT doing all that doesn't make me a bad person. We all grieve in different ways. It did feel a bit like a "post this button to prove you care"-club. I totally wouldn't worry about it. What's important is that those poor, poor families have time to grieve. They don't need to be bothered by the outside world.


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