Monday, January 30, 2012

Quick Reminder - Valentine Blog Swap

Hello lovely readers. 

I wanted to pop in to remind y'all that today is the last day to mail out your swap packages. :) If you're a little behind, totally okay, just let your partner know that their package will be a wee bit late. 
Communication is key! 

Don't forget to come back on 02.13.2012 to show off your goodies. 
Write a blog post, grab the button from our original post here, and link up with us!

Be sure that you are following my lovely co-hosts. 

Meg - O is Me 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

While I am juggling things...

While I am still juggling this semester with work, wedding planning, amongst other things I may point you in the direction of a blog post or two. Today, you should click here and read Savanah's The Law of the Garbage Truck. Something I think we all need.

Have a good Tuesday! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Trend: Engagement Registry

I was listening to a local radio station on my way to work this morning and they said there is a new trend starting up. Engagement registries. 

Huh? Well apparently newly engaged couples are starting up engagement registries, in addition to wedding registries. 

People on the radio thought it was absolutely ridiculous. They said they felt like it was the couple expecting more gifts and they most likely wouldn't get them both an engagement gift and wedding gift. 

I asked on twitter and the answers were pretty much the same. 

Mychael and I didn't do an engagement registry, didn't even know about it, but that was almost a year ago. 
We didn't even do an engagement party. It may sound completely stupid but as soon as we got engaged it was on facebook and the congrats came pouring in. We didn't really see a reason to have an engagement party. Just our choice. 

...personally I would feel awful doing an engagement registry. I guess I would feel bratty. I actually feel awful even going to do an wedding registry. I know that is completely ridiculous of me. I know it is a way to let your guests and those who want to buy gifts for you what you want or your style. 

I usually just send a card to the newly engaged couple congratulating them.

Have you heard of an engagement registry before? 
Do you have one, or will you have one when you get engaged? 

I found this list below on Pinterest, we'll be doing our wedding registration soon so I'll be looking at this.
Of course, any advise you can throw our way about registries is welcomed.
I have a feeling we will be completely overwhelmed.
I could see myself walking out of the store in two shakes. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nail Files III

The Nail Files

It's Friday, wahooooo!!!

Ok, so I have been keeping a secret from y'all!

I've discovered something that, in my opinion is way better than Birchbox.
You see, I didn't sign up for Birchbox because I felt like I would have too much clutter. I hate clutter, Mychael hates clutter... it would be no bueno in our house.
Everyone has been posting what they receive and I may like 1 item in the whole box. :(
...but I wanted goodies in the mail every month.
I almost caved.....

Then Jen tweeted that she received her Makeup Monthly package.
She told me....

Eeeekkkk! They have....

A Cosmetic Club
A Beauty Care Club

brace yo self....

a Nail Polish Club! 


You get full size products monthly!
You bet your cute self that I jumped right in on the nail polish club!
A nail polish lover's heaven. I die. I died. Seriously. I received my package on a day that I was having a craptastic day at the office. It turned my day around and I got to paintin' my nails!

They ask you a series of questions to make sure you receive polishes that you will love.

Here is my first package!

Nicole by OPI - Base Coat Plus
Essie - Mademoiselle
OPI - Happy Holly-Days
OPI - Hip Hop Holly 

...and here is Happy Holly-Days on me paired with glitter polish I already had.

Isn't that flippin' fantastic?!?!

If you happen to sign up will you tell them that I sent you?
Just enter my name in the YOB# field : Celia Ybarra

Isn't this fantastic?
A little package full of nail polishes every single month!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogger's Biggest Loser II

Blogger's Biggest Loser

Hola people! =)

It's the 2nd edition of Blogger's Biggest Loser! You can see my 1st edition post here. If you didn't join in the 1st week, no worries, join in this week!

These were the goals listed and what I am currently working on:

  • go to the gym at least 3 times a week. 30mins cardio, 30mins weights.
  • get out of the 140's... I would be okay with 130lbs. 
  • flat stomach, sculpted arms, back, and legs. 
  • No fast food for the month of January.

I've woken up at 4am Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays to get to the gym. I love it! There is  almost NO ONE there! I'm not much of a people person when I am at the gym so this works out perfectly. Plus I find that those that are there that early seem to be a little more dedicated to their workout. Which means I get less annoyed. They seem to help each other out and encourage each other. I think that's great!! I was sick last week, so I wasn't able to go to the gym every day like I wanted. I set my alarm, and if I woke up feeling normal I'd go. I think I am better this week... let's hope.

I've lost 4lbs, and am now 140lbs even! Whoohoo! I need to do my measurements, but I've been too lazy to go to Wally world to buy a fabric tape measure. Some of my pants are fitting a little more loosely! That is great all on its own!

Obviously there is no sculpting yet... but hopefully soon enough! I've been fairly good with no fast food, we slipped up once when we were out running errands and didn't want to spend $20+ on lunch... so McDonald's it was. $10.00

Mychael wants to get healthier as well so he has joined my gym and has been wanting to eat a healthier diet! This definitely helps!

How have you been doing with your goals? Don't be shy! Link up with Vicki or Amy. Also a huge congrats to Vicki who is now a Fit Fluential Ambassador with me!!! 

**Don't forget about the Valentine Swap! Sign ups end tomorrow, Wednesday 01/18/2012**

Monday, January 16, 2012

Be you.

Truth. I couldn't have seen this pin at a better time. 
You know, no matter what you do there will always be others trying to bring you down. 
I'm striving in all aspects of my life to be a better me. 

I really have to learn that what other people think really doesn't matter. 

So what that I am not considered "obese" and others still think that I am "skinny" because I am not as big as they are. I am unhappy with my body and have been told that I do have too much fat on it. 
Therefore I will continue with my fitness goals. No one can discourage me from this anymore. 

So what that some people think college is stupid? 
I want my degree(s) and I will work my butt off to get them. 
I am smart, I have a supportive fiance and family. I can do it. 
The early mornings, late nights, and declining of social events will all be worth it. 

So what if some people have had failed marriages and keep telling me that everything will change when I get married. I'm not them, Mychael isn't like their psychotic ex husbands. I will get married, and if things go south I will try my hardest to resolve our issues. If that doesn't work, I'm not afraid to walk away. 

So what if I get excited to see that my follower count continues to grow. You know I started this blog in 2008 just as a place to put my thoughts. Then I started to have a couple people here and there make comments. I started to read other blogs and comment as well. This past year I started networking and it has been so much fun! I never knew blogging could be a source of friendships and fun!
I don't have a set number that I want to get to one day, I just love meeting little milestones! 

We all have so much pressure that we put on ourselves, and that others put on us. 
Just be you, who cares about them. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Nail Files II

The Nail Files

Happy Friday y'all! 
I have been drowning in work this week.
I feel like I am finally able to come up for some air and I am SO ready for the weekend!

I went dark again this week.

I'm wearing NYC - Battery Park Purple with KleanColor - Tahiti Sunset on top :)

Show off your nails and link up!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

...sometimes you just wake up sad

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Today I seem to have a case of the sads.
Do you ever feel that way?

I just woke up this morning feeling this way.

Anyway. A little update. My parents think they may have a place that qualifies for the assistance they need.
This makes me oh so happy, but at the same time I'm reluctant to let myself be happy.
What if it falls through? They already have their hopes so high up, I don't want them to be let down.

My parent's birthdays are this weekend! I had the perfect gifts selected for them! I knew they would love them. But when they told me they had to move... they said they need an electric washer and dryer...
Therefore I figured their gifts could wait and I could help them buy a new washer and dryer.
If anyone locally (houston) has a set or knows someone selling a set super cheap please let me know. We're on the lookout! =/ **UPDATED** my parents are also looking for a full size bed, and a lawn mower for the new place.

Mychael called me... he had some bad news.
Nothing that affects us directly, but family members, and I really hope everything works out for the best.
I know things will work out for the best. Everything happens for a reason... right?

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Will you be my Valentine? (Swap)

Will you be my Valentine? 

Tara from Fabulous But Evil, Meg from O is Me and myself are here to bring you...

a little Valentine Swap-a-roo

Are you excited? 

Here are the details:

  • Sign ups begin today and go on through Wednesday, January 18th. To join in on the fun just link your blog/twitter! 
  • We will email you your swap partner's information by Friday, January 20th
  • Please mail your package by Monday, January 30th
  • Please limit yourself to spending no more than $10.00 (prepostage). Ideas for gifts: gift cards, candy, makeup, nail polish! 
  • Spread the word! "Join @fabulousbutevil, @mo_meg & @CeliasWay for a little Valentine Swap!" 
  • Come back on Monday, February 13th and link up to show off your swap goodies! 
  • Please leave a comment below if you are willing to send an international package.
  • If at anytime you are no longer able to participate please let one of us know! No one likes to send off a package only to not receive on back :(
  • Please note if you flaked out of our last swap you will be pulled out of this swap.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Staying Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous


Hey friends!! I'm Cait from Fit Fierce and Fabulous! Thanks so much to Celia for having me guest post on her amazing blog today! Isn't she fabulous? I thought I would talk to you about some tips that I follow to make sure I'm motivated to work out (and yes I do try to work out about 5 + days a week!) Remember your past
Think back to previous attempts at losing weight or exercising. What made you quit before and are you on the same path now? If so, you've got yourself a pattern. Break it by figuring out what went wrong before. Some possibilities
  • A diet that's too strict or too difficult to follow
  • Feeling deprived of your favorite foods
  • Feeling tired and sore from too many workouts
  • Confusion about how to exercise the right way
  • Being so busy, you can't figure out how to fit it all in
Make your own list and then figure out how to get around these issues. If the diet is too strict, make smaller changes you can live with every day. If you're busy, try shorter workouts. Change what you're doing until it works for you! Remember, everyone is different so what you may be trying to 'change' may be different then your best friend/spouse. 
Pump Yourself Up
Maybe it'll be difficult to replicate the excitement you felt on January 1 when you were so ready to lose that weight or gain that muscle. But, you can get a little more fired up by going back to your original goal and remembering why you set it in the first place. What are you trying to accomplish? Remind yourself that what you do today has everything to do with where you'll be in 6 months. 
Something I love to do before I do my morning work out is look at a post it that I stuck to my bathroom mirror. It says "Don't doubt! Go Work Out!" That always helps me to keep motivated, keep going, and know that every time I enter that gym, I am AMAZING to keeping up with my goals!
Track Your Progress
One simple way to stay motivated is to look back on how far you've come. Keeping a simple calendar of the workouts you've done gives you something tangible you can happily flip through, adding up all the days you exercised. Plus, knowing you have to write your accomplishments down may give you that extra push you need to get moving.
Regularly weighing yourself, taking measurements, getting your body fat tested or even doing your own fitness and endurance tests can help you stay on track. This Progress Chart is a great way to track how you're doing. If you have a Personal Trainer, they are more than happy to help you track your progress as well. Ask for copies of what they are doing with you so you can keep your own chart at home.
Be Open Minded
Being bored is the perfect time to try something new. You'll be more willing to try things you may have dismissed because they didn't fit within your definition of exercise. It could be bellydancing, a latin dance class or that spinning class at the gym. Or try something more mind/body like Pilates or yoga. I personally LOVE Pilates and have tried Yoga a few times. I'm still trying to motivate myself to do HOT YOGA with some girlfriends of mine. Having friends to help push you to try new things is always a fabulous thing as well! 
However you feel you can pump yourself up, track your progress, be open minded and even MORE, always know that you helping your body. You're helping yourself to stay FIT, FIERCE and as always, the FABULOUS person that you are all becoming. Remember that this isn't something that is going to happen within a few days or maybe even weeks. We're all at different stages of attempting to be in the "best shape of our life" and that's okay! 
If you have any other tips that you have to stay motivated I would love to hear them! Stay amazing bloggers! You're doing your body and your friends wonders but changing your life, one work out at a time! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Working Girls

Happy Monday y'all! 
Today I am telling you how I became a millionaire what exactly it is that I do for a living. 
Click the button up top and head on over to Nikki's blog!

Interested in telling your working girl story? Send Nikki a message!

Have a great week! Don't forget to check the blog daily. 
A couple of us bloggers have teamed up and something super fun will be announced!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Nail Files I

The Nail Files

Do you remember my post a couple weeks ago when I showed you some of the nail polishes I was in love with? No? Ok, go here and then come back....

 insert waiting music here... do do do do do do do... 
do do do do DO do do do.

I have a new favorite!!

I love this color!!!
I am in love with my new glitter nail polish as well. It comes from the Kardashian Kolor Holiday Collection!

What color did you paint your nails this week?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

ITS OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays


you should know what this is all about by now... so let's get this part-ay started. 


...that the main reason why I am doing this post is to get Amber and Neely to 100 link ups! ;) I love these two girls and think you should be following them both! 

...that I think you should start working on your post and link up RIGHT NOW!!! have just taken almost 2wks vacation over the holidays, and not once did you sit on your toosh. :( what happened to vacations ACTUALLY being restful? be super short fused because you are feeling super sicky today. tell your hubby-to-be that you want to go home, cuddle with the blankets, lay on his tummy and not say a word! ...and he says okay. =) be super excited that there is going to be something super fun on the blog next week!! want to scratch some people's eyes out because they call you out on twitter for unfollowing their twitter account. i'm sowwy but now i just think you are pathetic and i am not refollowing. be oh so happy that we booked our ceremony site (with scentsy money!!) while on vacation! whee! kinda sorta in a way, oh who am i kidding... i want a mariachi band at our wedding!! they are so fun!
we'll see though, i don't want it to be weird. =) admit you never really watched friends until recently, and now are wondering why you never watched it before?!?! 

the end. 

A place to call home

My parents have another housing meeting today. 
All they know is that they have to be out of their current apartment by the end of January because the current housing assistance funding is being cut off. They don't know where they are going next, so I hope this meeting goes well. Can you please keep them in your thoughts? 

...and if you have another moment to spare, pray that their property is sold soon so that they may have somewhere to permanently call their home! Seeing them live on a month by month basis never knowing when they have to leave is hard and I know it wears them down. 

Thanks and Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Engagement Photos II by Phenom Photographers

Good morning!

We had our second shoot with Phenom Photographers in early December.
Reggie wanted to make sure we had photos with the sun shining since our 1st shoot was gloomy.
I have to say we are truly blessed to have such an amazing and caring photographer! 

We took our second set of photos at the Kemah Boardwalk.
It was sooo cold! & windy! I can't tell you how many times I complained about my hair, or pouted. The shoot was fun nonetheless and he snagged some great shots. 
I think the first one is my favorite =)

Hope y'all enjoyed! 

Next week, we'll talk about how we chose our sites. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blogger's Biggest Loser I

Blogger's Biggest Loser

Hello my dears! It's the 1st edition of Blogger's Biggest Loser!

I have been looking for a way to keep myself accountable with my fitness goals, this is perfect! I have to confess to all of you I am super nervous. I am the biggest I have ever been in my life.

I am upset with myself on a daily basis right now. I am to the point that when I eat, I feel extreme guilt. This is not healthy. I have had meltdowns in the last couple weeks because I am so unhappy with my current weight and overall look of my body.

Let's give you a little background. I'm 5' 3&1/2" ... the half counts...all through high school I weighed about 90-95lbs and was between a 00 and 1 jeans. I always tried to gain weight and it just didn't work. I ate like crap, hello soda and pint of icecream for lunch. I could never gain weight. Oh & throw in the fact that I had modeled for about a year, all I heard was I could not go over 100lbs. I knew this was not healthy at all. Needless to say, I dropped modeling.

Then after high school I finally gained weight, I stayed around 110-115lbs and was in size 5-7 jeans. I was pretty happy with this, I looked a lot healthier.

At around 25 I went through another little weight gain and stayed between 115-120lbs. I stayed in size 7 jeans. Okay with me. I started working out at a gym with a personal trainer. My reasoning? I hear that as you get closer to your 30's you start to gain more weight and its harder to keep it off. If I decide to have children I want to make sure that I can bounce back to my prebaby body, I hear it's easier if you are fit before hand. Of course my Pops having health problems in his mid 30's was another reason.

Now, I am 27... and I am at 144lbs. I would be totally okay with this if I had been working out hardcore...but this is all fatty weight. I am in size 11 jeans and even those are starting to be way too tight. My size 8 dress pants barely close... I am not okay with being a 10. Typically if I don't like the weight I am at I just change my diet, and wa-la my weight drops. This time... it's not working. I worked with a personal trainer at my new gym and he told me I was borderline overweight. le sigh.

I can't help it, I am one of those people where looks do matter to me!

My goals....
  • go to the gym at least 3 times a week. 30mins cardio, 30mins weights.
  • get out of the 140's... I would be okay with 130lbs. 
  • flat stomach, sculpted arms, back, and legs. 
  • No fast food for the month of January.
What are your fitness goals? 

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

I am actually heading to Dallas this morning!!

I want to say thank you to everyone who reads this little blog of mine.
I have come to meet some really great ladies through blogging and hope to continue to do so in 2012.

In 2012 I want to pop out of my little bubble from time to time.
People seem to think I am outgoing... I am not. I'm a shy one.
I also want to branch out and try some new things!

I want to continue to work on my fitness goals.
I want to hold myself accountable.

I will continue to work on becoming debt free.
It has already been well over a year since I have used any type of credit card. =)
"If you can't pay cash for it, then you don't need to purchase it" <-- words I live by.
(obviously with the exception of a house)

I want to continue my blog postings!
Wedding planning is coming along nicely. So many decisions to be made,
so many ideas to come together. I want to share everything here so I can always come back to it!

I will live my real life.
You may have noticed I am not on the tweet nearly as much as I used to be.
The Love and I both felt I was on there entirely too much. I was living in a virtual world. That is no bueno y'all. Since I have cut back I am able to spend more quality time with my sweet love & the furbabies. I am able to focus on me!

In 2012 I will become a Mrs and I can't wait! 
I look forward to 2012 and hope to make the most of it!!

What are some of the things you want to work on in the new year?
What are some things you look forward to the most in the new year?