Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Can I be honest here?
I hate change.

I'm a person that likes consistency, I'm not that fun person that just goes with the flow. I try! Mychael and I are probably about to have a change in our lives. It will be a great change, a positive change. I can't say anything quite yet, maybe if all goes well I can blog about it in a month or two*... I am super nervous, and at the moment I am sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Someone shake me and tell me "Celia change is good!" & please keep your fingers and toes crossed that this "change" goes through!

*no, I'm not pregnant heehee

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh how I miss you...

UH Baseball
I bought Mychael season tickets to UH Baseball this year. I LOVE being out at Cougar Field. We try to go to at least one weekend game. As I sit there though I also realize I miss UH Football.

I also realized this weekend that I have been a horrible photographer for our group, and when I have taken photos I have sucked at uploading photos. My camera was screaming at me to take photos off of it. I came upon some photos from one of our last games during UH Football...and I shall share them here. 
Live football with me again, briefly?

Mychael and me + our friend Matt in the background. Don't ask about the stache, I'm glad it's now gone.

The OTHER team challenged us in beer pong...

The good guys.

me, Audra, and Shellie

The 3 most beautiful flags you'll ever lay eyes on.
Audra and her hair

Mychael being his nutty self

Shellie & Moose...
Dinner after the game, mexican food and Margaritas became our tradition!

We recently found out that there will be a football game on our wedding day!!!!!! We have only missed 1 game since '06... and that was because of stupid Calculus homework... ugh don't get me started. Anyway, we don't plan on missing this game either!!!! I'll be out there in my wedding dress cheering on my Coogs... I'm just praying the game will be in the evening! =) I am beyond excited!!! 

I'm promising myself, right here and right now that I will be better at taking photos and posting. Pinky promise to me! =)

Do you have a sport/activity that you are absolutely head over heels for?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let your hair down...

part of the damage

There are times that you just need to let your hair down. :) Last night we did just that with a couple of our really good friends including Shellie

...aaannnnnd I can't get this song out of my head.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Friday!!!! 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh thank goodness the week is over!!!!!!!!!! 
Holy stress! 

When the clock strikes 5, I'm headed home to pick up my honey and then meet friends for yummy Mexican food and massive amounts of Margaritas! =) 

Who's coming with me?!?! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I typically don't remember my dreams, but a couple months ago I had a dream about our wedding. It was beautiful and calm just the way we had hoped. I woke up feeling an overwhelming amount of love and excitement. For the first time ever I had dreamt of my wedding day, our wedding day. I was so excited. 

This past weekend I dreamt of our wedding again. Except this time I dreamt that Mychael called it off. I had no idea why. I couldn't get in contact with him. I went to his Dad and he hadn't seen him, he offered me a place to stay but I didn't want to. So, I just started walking down the street with my bag and didn't have a clue where I was off to. I tried to call Mychael as it started to get late and noticed he had blocked me from his phone. I couldn't even speak to him on the phone. How was I going to make anything right? When I looked back up from my phone the scenery was all different. I didn't have a clue where I was. I woke up crying that morning and it basically had be all kinds of sad for the rest of the day. 

I've read up on some dream interpretations, the dream of our wedding day going great means that I am excited and committed. The second one signifies a road bump either in our relationship or in the planning. I think we got over our road bump. I mean we are both pretty stressed out right now in regards to our careers. Planning, well I seem to have a MIA person in my bridal party and I am pretty torn on what to do about it. My solution is to just push forward and she will hop on the train or she won't. Press on, and just not fret about it. 

Have you had any dreams like this? 
I'm ready for my next happy marriage dream.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

...take the long way home.

Some days you just need to slow down and take the long way home on a Sunday afternoon.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy 1yr Engagement Anniversary

Happy FRIDAY!!!!

OMG y'all! One year ago today, Mychael asked me to marry him!!! Ahhhh I still can't believe it. I still gaze at my ring almost daily. Do you ever stop looking at yours? He did a guest post for me on the blog here and told our engagement story. 

Let me tell you something, I seriously thought we would be breaking up soon. I didn't know why. He had just started acting a little out of character. Who knew that I would come home from work on day, head out for a quick bite to eat only to come home and have him pop the question??? 

I asked him recently how he knew that he was going to ask me. I mean, we have had conversations about marriage and what we wanted one day in our future but nothing about right here and right now. Every one of my friends will tell you that I was completely happy just being his live in girlfriend. I, personally, have issues with commitment. Yea, this little Ms. Betty Crocker has commitment issues. You know that girl in high school that you tell all your friends to stay away from because she will break your heart? Yup. That was me. Even his best friend told him "I don't know Mykie" when he told her I was his new girlfriend. I broke up with guys as many times as they would let me. Who cared, they were the idiots that took me back each time. ;) Mychael said he just woke up one morning, and it felt right. He knew he was going to ask me to marry him. 

 I remember thinking it wasn't real. I remember asking him "are you sure". I remember being super excited to tell my parents, and my close friends and family. I remember Mychael changing our Facebook status before I had a chance to call my parents. Insert panic.
Mychael says that an Engagement Anniversary isn't a real anniversary, but it is to me. =) It is a special day I will always remember. 

Happy 1yr Engagement Anniversary, SweetPea!!!
Who knew it would be possible for this girl to fall so deeply in love. I love you more and more as each day goes by. I can't wait to see your face in the morning when I wake up. I love to watch you sleep. I love when you fall asleep in my lap as we watch movies on the couch. I look forward to cooking dinner for you, or packing your lunch for you. I love to bake your favorite desserts. I can't wait to come home to you each night and it makes me a little sad to leave you in the morning for work. I am unbelievably blessed to have found such a caring & strong man who overlooks my flaws. Lord knows I have them. I am so glad that you took the time to listen to me, and teach me that showing my feelings was okay. You taught me that it's okay to cry, it's okay to show people that you are hurt, and it's okay to show people that you love them. It's okay to let your walls down. You taught me that I didn't have to be the strong person all the time. I can't wait to grow more with you.
I truly cannot wait to be your wife!  

See more of our photos here and here

Do you celebrate your engagement anniversary? Do you still remember it like it was yesterday? Feel all those same emotions?  

The Nail Files IV

The Nail Files

This week I have Valentine Nails! =) 
Oh and I went all crazy and instead of just a little glitter, I painted one nail a different color AND added glitter. CALL THE PRESSES! There's a WILD woman on the streets!

What do you think? I used my trusty butter London nail polish as the accent nail, seriously lasts forever! Invest in it. Buy me one while your at it? =) I used Sally Hansen's I Pink I Can, for some reason this color chipped the very next day and didn't go on very smoothly. It's okay, if I don't look too closely I can't tell they are chipped too bad. 

Did you make your nails festive? 
I can't wait to hop around and see everyones pretty pretty nails!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

my little girl...

awww you will probably see me do this link up until the end of time! =) i absolutely adore our furkids!

This is an older photo of Ms. Speedette. She's a silly little lovebug! Read about her here.

Can't wait to hop around and see your furbabes! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

flowers, flowers, flowers...

Ahhhh the Stargazer Lily. My favorite flower! This photo is from a bouqet Mychael had sent to me back in 2008 for my birthday when I was working in the pharmacy.
Oh hi. Look it's me at work. I worked for the BEST pharmacy ever in life. CVS. Seriously. Don't fill your prescriptions elsewhere.

Anywho. I brought those beautiful flowers home. More of them bloomed, it was beautiful! I was so smitten. Then. Mychael broke my heart. We realized that the pollen from the flowers made his allergies go nuts! Sneezing, itchy eyes, the whole works! I couldn't believe it. 

This was the last time that we had Stargazer's at home.
I had hoped that one day when we got married I would be carrying a bouquet of Stargazers. 
To tell you the truth, I haven't really taken too much time to look at types of flowers for our wedding. 

Since we now have our primary color picked for our wedding, Scarlet Red, I'm thinking maybe I will carry an all red bouquet. Or perhaps, mostly red with some touches of Fall colors.Or maybe an all white bouquet. It's so hard to choose y'all! Overall I really want the wedding to have a soft touch. 

Our bridesmaids dresses are Scarlet red, ones they chose themselves, you'll get to see those when we post about the wedding. =) I want them to have a say in everything that has anything to do with them. I was thinking all white bouquets for them would look really nice. 

What do you think? How did you choose?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogger's Biggest Loser III

Blogger's Biggest Loser

Wheee I am so excited to be back for Bloggers Biggest Loser! My last post was here if you'd like to catch up.

Since then the scale hasn't moved too much, but I'm steady between 138.2lbs & 138.8lbs. I really wish that I had taken measurements when I first started all of my fitness goals, but... me and the guys I workout with did our measurements on the 4th... so here we go. I'm putting myself out there.

Right Arm
Left Arm
Right Thigh
Left Thigh
Right Calf
Left Calf

My only real goal is to get my waistline down to about 28-29in. My hips, well... I'd like to decrease that a bit too but I'm not entirely sure there is much to do there unless I could chisel bone. BUT who knows we will see.

I have been weight lifting about 3 times a week. I'm sad to say I have lost my running mojo. :( I'm just not into it, but I am in love with weight lifting right now. I'm starting to get more familiar with faces at the gym and I love that. I think it's important to feel like you are a part of the gym community. I switched from my 4am routine, to the evenings. The guys weren't too keen on 4am workouts. 

I can see and feel a difference. I no longer crash at work around 2/3pm like I used to. I'm happy to say my diet is pretty good. My metabolism has kicked into high gear, wheee. I'm pretty sure I will be eating two dinners again pretty soon!

I can leave you with some photos? Yes yes? I feel like photos are the best way to keep myself accountable. Sometimes the scale won't move, sometimes that measuring tape may not move, but sometimes you see progress through photos. Or your friends/family see it! 

The most that I have seen change in me is my tummy has flattened out quite a bit since I very first started my fitness routine again, I'm sad I don't have a photo from that time.

How have you been doing?
What changes are you seeing in your body/clothing?

Monday, February 13, 2012

8 months to go!

Today marks 8 months until our wedding day.
8 months until I get to slip into my dress and walk down the aisle to my best friend, the man I love more than anything or anyone in the entire world! We are both beyond excited! There is still sooo much more to do before our big day, but that's okay we are doing it together!

This weekend wasn't one of our best weekends, unfortunately. We both made each other feel miserable, something I never ever want to do. We both got angry, we both cried, we were both confused but we both worked through it. At the end of the day we will both do whatever it takes to make sure that this relationship works. At the end of the day we both love each other so very much and couldn't imagine our lives without each other.

We never go to bed angry. I love that about us.

I know there will be so many other not so great moments, we have had them in the past, and I don't look forward to the ones in the future.

Don't you just wish you could push a button and fast forward through all that? I mean reaaaallly what is the point? I know every couple has little bumps in the road here and there. I just like our life to be full of sparkles, hearts, air kisses, puppy dogs and kitties!

We did complete one of our wedding registries this weekend! THAT was fun! Can't wait to do our next one! I'll have a fun post up in the next couple weeks. =) Mychael was so excited he thought I would have it up this week!

Valentine Swap Reveal

Happy Monday folks!
It's time to reveal your partners and the goodies you received. We had so much fun planning this, and I don't know about you but I had a blast learning about my partner! =) She is basically ME ...and that's pretty gosh darn fabulous! I'm kidding, but she was a really great swap partner and I felt like I was shopping for myself.

Here are the goodies I received!

There may or not may be some candy missing from the picture that I may or may not have gobbled up as soon as I opened the package. You can't prove a thing! I've already busted into those pens and write with them at work, my note pad looks so pretty! I have already used the socks to keep my feetsies warm! I LOVE the notepad and it will get great use, I like to use them for my grocery shopping.

Who was my super awesome swap partner you ask?
Cami from First Day of My Life!
She is super sweet, and I may get to meet her if she comes to Houston!!!
You should probably head over to her blog right about... now :-)

Now, it's your turn! We want to see what you received from your super fab partner!!

Bloggity Blog Hop!

I'm joining in with Neely of A Complete Waste of Makeup for a link up to network a little more! 
Click the button above and join in on the fun! 

So you wanna know about me? 

 I'm 27 years old finding my way in life & living in Houston, TX. I'm a furmom to 2 wonderful kitties. I'm a little too trusting, and a little too reserved. I love hair, makeup and nail polish... but I love to go out to the stadium for some tailgating and football! The Love and I want to start mountain climbing and hiking soon!

I created this little blog to vent, document my life, and just have fun. I stray from time to time, I become a link up whore, sometimes I go on blogging breaks, and sometimes I get a little personal. =) 

I'm currently engaged, in fact this week is our 1 year engagement anniversary. Oh yes, I am celebrating! I love to celebrate everything! We are a planning a small intimate wedding for this coming October and we couldn't be more excited!

Read about our engagement here
See some of our engagement photos here and here
See our vision for our wedding here
 Read about our furkids here.

...follow along as we continue to plan our wedding.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Does your cat have a leash?

Wheeee it's a furbaby linkup!!! 

This is Angel, I fully introduced y'all to him here. =) 
He loves to go outside on his leash, yes you read that right, my cat has a leash! 
He loves to sunbathe and roll in the grass. It just makes his day! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Friday - Sailor

Happy Friday y'all! 

This is my first every Fashion Friday link up with the fabulous Kori from Blonde Episodes!
Go visit her amazing blog! 

Soooo I read in Elle magazine that the Sailor look is coming back! Personally, I love the look, like beyond love it. Can I pull it off, probably not! Plus, Mychael doesn't like it. 
I may just sneak some into my wardrobe ;)

Source: modcloth.com via Ida on Pinterest

 What do you think about the sailor look?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our vision for our wedding day

You always hear people say that your wedding day is one the most memorable days in your life. When you get engaged people tell you to make sure that you do everything you ever wanted for your big day. 

We are doing just that. We have had marriage and wedding conversations many times throughout our almost 7 years together. The one thing that has never changed is that we want a small and intimate wedding. We hope to have about 50 people max for our wedding. There will be many of our family and friends left out of our big day, but... it is our day and we would love to enjoy it and be able to speak with each and every one of our guests for more than a minute before being dragged off somewhere else.

How cozy is this?

We have already booked our ceremony site. It holds about 50-60 people and is a small local garden. We are so excited about it. Our ceremony will be held in the morning.

As for our reception site, nothing has been determined yet. We are a college football couple and are waiting for the Houston Cougar football schedule to be finalized. We haven't missed a home game since 2007...

We have contemplated not having a reception at all... we have contemplated having a brunch reception, then having another fun reception out at a bar in Houston with our college friends, then heading out to the football game with me and my girls still in our dresses. We have thought about having our reception hours later and if the game was away having it aired wherever we book.

One of our friend's parents have offered up their back yard for our reception site, it overlooks the local creek! We have also found a really nice little park, the only down side is no alcohol is allowed... which honestly doesn't bother me at all. We also have inquired with on of our favorite restaurants to use their room upstairs.

So much up in the air right now.

Upstairs room of restaurant taken with phone

What do you think of our intimate vision?

Any suggestions for us?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Our furry familia

I've finally written our Furkids page! I don't know why it has taken me so long, perhaps because I didn't want to leave out our dear Guardian Angels and I wasn't ready to write about them yet. The page is up. Go check it out! Click here, and give them lots of lovin', nose kisses and scritches!

Do you have furkids?
Are you a cat person or dog person? 
I can't wait until we can get our first puppy! I want to find a rescue German Shepherd.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm back y'all!!! 

You didn't think I would stay away that long did you? I'm lucky enough to have amazing blog and twitter friends, some of which have turned into my real life friends. You can't let one little person tear you down when you have lots of others who love you. 

I think this blog post by the lovely couple at Young House Love is something we all need to read. This is about blogging but can transfer over to Twitter. Soak it in. It helped me with my little issue I was dealing with.

You know what I do now to little nasty emails? 
I just simply hit the delete button, I don't even acknowledge them. 
What do I do if they email again? Delete again

Twitter, I have no fear in unfollowing now. Trust me, if people want to raise h-e-double hockey stick because you unfollowed them... you didn't need to follow them in the first place. If they keep harassing you, there is a nifty little block button there. 

It's finally Friday and I am super excited for the weekend. Double date with one of my fave bloggers turned real-life friend. More gym time this weekend, I have been really consistent and show a tad definition! Whoohoo!  A hockey game with one of our besties, and we get to go on the ice after the game... ahhhh!!! Let's hope I don't bust my butt.

Have a fabulous weekend! 
Tell me, what are your plans?