Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year, friends! 

Yesterday we had big plans to celebrate my birthday and the new year at a local winery. Mykie has been sick so we decided to stay in. We rang in the New Year watching a Criminal Minds marathon. Party animals right here! I'm kinda glad we didn't go out, the weather here was disgusting AND they cancelled the fireworks for my hometown because of the fog. 

 During our stay in I was also able to think about this little blog of mine. I busted my blogging planner back out and I feel it is going to be a great way to keep myself on track. And to be sure I'm promoting my swapping partners that are over there ---> Be sure to click all their pretty buttons! Mkay? =)

This morning, well nearly afternoon I started my day out with some Starbucks and then realized my balance is super low. =( Feel free to send me some egift cards. You know, to show me how much you love me. ;)

Remember how part of my goals for 2013 is to document our lives more? Going through our 2012 photos I realized how little of photos I took. I want to make sure that I have tons of moments for our children to look back on. I want to have stuff to pass on to them. You don't realize how important little things like this are until you don't have them...

So, today is January 1 and the lovely Fat Mum Slim is still going strong with her Photo A Day challenge for all of us!!! I'm so thankful for this. Visit her blog post here for all the details! 

Hope you all have a GREAT New Year. They say how you spend today reflects the rest of your year... I don't know how true that is, but I'm glad I'll be spending my day with my husband, the furkids, and my parents. 

If you would like a custom blog planner of your own contact Carly from Texas Love Birds. Tell her I sent ya! :)


  1. Happy New Year love!
    We brought in the New Year on the couch too! :)

  2. We stayed in for New Years too. It was relaxing! I didn't do too well with documenting 2012. I barely even took any pictures for Christmas. I'm hoping that's something that will improve in 2013! Hope 2013 is an amazing year for you!

  3. Happppy New Year!! We didn't go anywhere or do anything either!!

  4. Happy 2013!
    I stayed in also. :)

  5. Ya know I always say I want to do the photo a day challenge and I start it and then always fall off the wagon with it. Good luck!


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