Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Project REVEAL

Good Morning!!!
Y'all I am beyond exhausted!
Redbull + me = besties.
But life is good. I hope to update you soon. I know that one of my goals for this year was to blog and document more, but sometimes you just need to live in the moment. =)
Today. It's about fashion. In December I was a part of The Messy Project. Today, I'm a part of the very first round of The MINI Project!
What is The MINI Project Celia?!?!?!
Oh well, I am glad you asked!
The MINI Project focuses on accessories.
Anything from tights, headbands, scarfs, sunglasses, gloves, hats, shoes...
You'd be amazed how much a simple addition of an accessory can change an outfit.

Messy Mini Project

The Deal

1 Accessory

4 Girls

4 Different Styles

1 Major Blog Day

The January Accessory: Scarf

I decided to go with a work appropriate outfit. I actually plan on wearing this outfit next week when I have a lunch meeting. I think the scarf brings color, and a little girly touch to a professional outfit.

Here is what I paired with my scarf:
Victoria Secret Button Down
Old Navy Spaghetti Strap
Black Professional Pants
Birds on a Branch Necklace from Eloping Designs 

Now, visit my partners!!!

Michael @ Crazy, Tragic Almost Magic
Brandi @ Brooklyn State of Mind
and the Queen Bee herself
Kelly @ Messy.Dirty.Hair


  1. I like how it pops agains the white shirt!

  2. Great job! Such a fun project! :)

  3. I need to learn to tie a scarf like you did in those last 2 photos. How ridiculous does that sound?! That necklace is super cute, btw!

  4. Love the way this looks! And the scarf is SO pretty! :)

  5. you look so cute!! love the different looks you showed with the scarf! so glad you got to be apart of the first mini project! thanks for all your hard work! xoxo

  6. I love the scarf she picked! The colors are AMAZING. Definitely makes your outfit pop like you said ;)

  7. Oh how cute! it looks great on you too, and the colors add a fun touch to your outfit!

  8. YAY! Thank you for including my necklace in this post! It looks so cute peeking out from under the scarf!


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