Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The unSimply Life V.4

Question. Do you like these little updates with photos that I post? I'm trying to decide if I like them... Hmmm.

Anywhoodle. Here are some mini updates on my life.
Row 1 (L-R)
  • I've become obsessed with Gingerbread hot chocolate.
  • Our kitty, Angel, loves his furdad so much. 
  • Some days, a Red Bull is needed! 
  • We bought all new Calphalon cookware with wedding money. 
 Row 2 (L-R)
  • You can buy cats all kinds of new toys, but usually a big box will do. 
  • Our company put on their annual Pool Tournament and we all had a blast. 
  • I can not tell you how much I love to cook!
  • Playing in the leaves with the inlaws dog makes me want to buy our next house like, tomorrow so we can get a rescue German Shepherd. 
Row 3 (L-R)
  • Sporting my #FitFluential gear while running, lifting, working. 
  • Homemade Avacado Cheeseburger. If I could I think I would eat this every day! (Recipe soon) 
  • Eyelashes. I had a bad habit not so long ago of picking at my eyelashes. They became so thin. It is nice to see them starting to fill out again! 
  • Sometimes Fridays are my Starbucks days! 
Row 4 (L-R)
  • The Mister bought me my first ever Coach purse! 
  • We renovated our closet doubling our clothing space while opening up the closet making it less cluttered. 
  • Most mornings I wake up to kitties in my face! 
  • Baking is a love of mine. I love baking my family's Cheesecakes. =)


  1. I like these updates. I know we all follow each other on Instagram but its nice to see them all in once spot instead of scrolling through and seeing who posted what ya know?

  2. I like the updates! Also, your cats are the cutest!!!

  3. I wake up to my kitty in my face too...nothing better


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