Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Instagram + Vine ... do IT!

Good morning y'all!

Apparently, I lost a handful of blog followers yesterday. Well... my guess is they are party poopers who don't know how to have fun! Who doesn't love a good drink? ;) 

Anywho. I wanted to share a really great blog hop with y'all today from A Night Owl Blog. Now, I have seen this pop up in my feed a few times and I'm always sad I missed out. This morning it popped up and I said. I'm gonna do this!

Even though I haven't been that active on this 'ole blog of mine I am very active on Instagram, and a little on Vine! I love finding new people to follow!!


  1. I'm not sure if we're connected on Instagram and Vine :( Gonna have to check that out.....lol!

  2. Seriously? You lost followers over pinned alcoholic beverages? Bunch of ninnies!!

  3. Love your blog! I have followed.


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