Wednesday, April 3, 2013

YOU are annoying on social media...

this post has been a long time coming.
i mean every time you turn around there is new "research" on how annoying people are on social media. 
or new "research" on how you are supposed to act on social media. 
or perhaps someone bitching about how annoying other people are on... you guessed it. social media. 

seriously. i don't know what people expect of others. 

let's touch on what i most commonly see as "annoying" behavior: 

  • Those who post about their workouts. People can't stand when you post about going to the gym, your weight loss, the goals you have met, or how hard you have pushed yourself. 
    • My thoughts? I love when my friends posts about their workouts, whether they are checking in, posting their stats, posting a progress photo or video. I love it all. I learn about new workouts, I get inspired and sometimes learn about new workout gear! So if you do this, KEEP DOING IT! YOU ARE MOTIVATING OTHERS!
  • Those who post about their food. People can't stand when you post pictures of the dish you just made, the goodies you just baked, or the ridiculously delicious/strong drink you are about to consume after your horrible day/week/month. 
    • My thoughts? I love food, and I am exploring new foods. So I love when I see new dishes in my feeds. Whether it is healthy or junk, I can still appreciate it. Everything is good in moderation. I mean, just don't post yourself eating a spoonful of butter. That... well that would be weird. I can appreciate a nice drink after a stressful day, or week. If it helps you keep your sanity and you are drinking responsibly. DO WHAT YOU WANT! 
  • Those who post about their children. People can't stand when you post photos of your children, or when you share little accomplishments. 
    • My thoughts: I don't have kids, I don't get annoyed with people who have kids. I mean, the only thing that annoys a whee little bit is the "my kid is the smartest" - um yea, okay. so is every child. I love my friends who are so in love with their kids though and it gives me something to look forward to when I have children. I want to feel that love that seems like non-other. I love hearing about little accomplishments. Seriously, I don't even care if you tell me your child pooped for the first time! Do I need to know that? No. Does it bother me? No, It's a normal bodily function. Do I think its a little odd that you shared? Just a little... then again I am the furmom that has inspected her cats poop so that she could give the vet good feedback. The one thing I do find annoying is when parents have their kids as their profile pictures. I don't get that. That would be like having Mychael's picture up as my profile picture... but who cares. KEEP LOVING YOUR CHILD AND KEEP SHARING! 
  • Those who check-in to places. People can't stand when you check in on FourSquare, Yelp, or Facebook. 
    • My thoughts: Mind your own. Now, I do admit I find it annoying when people check in to stupid shit. Like, why do you need to check into your couch? Your shower? The damn stop light? Don't get me wrong, I fell into that black hole for a bit too - then I slapped myself and asked myself what the hell was I doing? I do love seeing where people go, where they dine, and what they thought. Perhaps if I am in their neck of the woods I will know what places to check out. If used correctly - it provides great feedback! KEEP CHECKING IN, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO AND WHERE TO EAT! 
  • Those who promote themselves (or others). People can't stand when you promote your facebook page, your blog posts, or any of your other social media sites. 
    • My thoughts: Y'all I read blog posts, like facebook pages, follow Instagram accounts, etc all though people self-promoting. I rarely have time to sit down and read a blog. So Twitter or my Facebook feed is where I stay connected to this bloggy world I love. I LOVE to see others promoting other bloggers, and helping each other reach their goals. At the same time, I also know that EVERYONE is your best friend if they think you will spend your hard earned money sponsoring them or if you are currently sponsoring them. So, just be careful. People aren't always who they seem when you are paying them to be your friend. KEEP TWEETING/FACEBOOKING YOUR LINKS I LOVE IT! 

So my friends, who cares what other people think. You will never ever be able to please everyone. I violate every single thing listed above. And without that stuff up there, what else would you post about????

Also - I am sure the grammar police are having a BALL with this post. They are probably having an anxiety attack and are about to fall off their chair. Seriously.

I don't give a hoot! 

I am sure I have offended SOMEONE, but honestly I don't care. People are always going to talk. Might as well give them something to talk about.

Have a great Tuesday! 


  1. I'm cracking up! I sometimes post about work outs. I think its to help hold myself accountable and continue to go! Not much bothers me online BUT I have a FB friend who does nothing but post pictures of her 4 kids. Doing everything, baths, naps, food, playing, diaper changes. Ugh, and now she has found instagram. Its everywhere, lol.

  2. This post was right on! I can't stand when people post about discounts on their sponsorship multiple times during the day. Just seems so desperate.

  3. AWESOME! Love this! I have to say I totally agree on this! Specially the work out thing and the kids things!

  4. Stellar post lady! Sometimes I think "wow that person posted about their blog post 6 times today" and then the next day that 6th tweet is the one that makes me go "oh I haven't read her blog yet!". So, to each her own.

    Meanwhile, I need people to be all "go you!" when I post a workout. I need the encouragement. :)

  5. Love this post and I am only upset by it because I had an idea for a similar post that I was going to write next week! IDEA STEALER!!! (just kidding of course!) I'm still gonna write it I think... :)

  6. I like this post!
    I actually agree with you on all of them.
    I don't think it's annoying to promote yourself, -that's how I catch up on most of my blogs.
    I don't think workout posts or food posts are annoying and I certainly don't think kid posts are.
    Or pet posts.
    The only thing I think that bugs me about social media are the ones that ONLY promote themselves.
    I think I spend more time promoting my sponsors than I actually do myself and I'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to go. Nobody's complained yet so I could be wrong but eh.

  7. Grammar aside (;]) I loved this post. If you don't like what someone is posting then UNFOLLOW. It's as simple as that.

    And I was kidding about the grammar. It IS a pet peeve of mine but I just ignore it for others. Not everyone is a grammar/spelling nazi like I am and that is OKAY!

  8. At first, I was like "oh damn, Celia hates me because I do all of those" except checking into places and my kid is my puppy.
    I love this and you :D

  9. i love this post Celia! everyone has so many rules for social media now or what constitutes as an annoying blogger and its so frustrating! just write and post what you want to!

  10. My biggest rule for blogging? No rules!!

  11. Well said - love it! So refreshing not to be "told" what to do and how to do it.

    Hope you are having a great day.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  12. Awesome post!! This made me laugh & I agree with you :) I think that everyone should just post whatever they want as long as they do it in moderation!

    And the grammar thing, who cares, this is the internet, not an official document. Though it does bug me when people get so much into "internet speak" that I can't even understand what they say. U KNO WUZ I SEZ!>!?!?

  13. This post is so on point today! I love social media and connecting with everyone, it always gives me a conversation starter for when I'm out!

  14. You are very kind. :) I wish I weren't guilty of getting annoyed, but sometimes, when people tweet the SAME THING over and over and over (promoting one blog post or shop or whatever) I'm like I GOT IT THE FIRST TIME! hahaha. I need to be more patient.

    I love food posts. So fun to see. :)

  15. I love this post, I am one of those "annoying" girls who post about her workouts and weightloss, but I do it for my own accountability! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! :)

  16. Great post! I feel the exact same way!!

  17. I love this post :).

    I also thought I was the only one who didn't like when people made their kids' faces their profile picture. I think it's odd. I like THEM as people, not just them as a parent.

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