Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th.

I can't believe it was two years ago today that I woke up to a nearly lifeless, Marco. My worst fear was coming true. The day I had dreaded, the day I had made myself believe would never come...was here. As we were on our way to the emergency room with you I knew that I wouldn't be coming back home with you, but I wished so hard that the vet would have different news for me.

As I sit here thinking back I can feel the lump in my throat forming and the heaviness fall upon my heart. Marco was such a special kitty to me. I thought I loved cats before & was an advocate for felines. His Feline Diabetes diagnoses made my feelings even stronger. Through him and his treatment I learned so much more about feline care, behavior, diet, and about the hearts of people.

I would plan our days to ensure that we were home in time to ensure he didn't miss his shot time, not even by a minute. I would do those nights of setting my alarm in one hour intervals all over again in a heartbeat. Thankfully those were few and far in between.

Marco, you and your Mom took a piece of my heart that will never grow back. I hope that y'all are across the rainbow bridge as healthy as ever.

You can read about our furkids here.

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