Thursday, March 27, 2014

Table for One - McDonald's Mmm

Whether I am out window shopping or sitting at a table for one, I try to ensure I get out of the office at least once a week. Especially with the local Houston weather starting to warm up a bit.

Some of my friends think I am crazy to dine all by my lonesome. But for me, I feel it is necessary. I've always been an introvert, but disguised myself as an extrovert. As I have gotten older I've become even more of an introvert and disguising myself is hard.

Earlier this week I left the office with no plan at all. And due to poor planning over the weekend mixed in with "I don't feel like leaving the house" grocery shopping didn't happen. Which meant I had no food to pack for our lunches.

I found myself parked at a McDonald's near my office. Sure, I could have picked a healthier establishment. But, MCDONALD'S! I refuse to ever let myself be afraid of food. Although I want to make sure I keep my body as healthy as I possibly can, I know that having McDonald's once every 6 months (if even) isn't going to throw me into a heart attack. So I ordered my No. 3, no onions, with a lemonade and enjoyed every single bite!

When I grab a table for one I will read, enjoy my own thoughts, or usually most establishments have a TV so I'll watch whatever they may have on. Sports Center was on, I love sports! They had a mock Houston Texans draft and were talking about UCFs quarter back, NOT Johnny Man-Douchebag of the Aggies. I was excited!

I've learned to keep my eyes and ears open, always. Which, sometimes... I wish I could just turn that off. I soon realized that at the table next to me there was a girl crying, hysterically, to her friend. I tried to keep my attention on the TV but my heart broke for her when I realized she was talking about a boy. All I could hear was "I didn't want him to see me cry, so I called you." "I asked him, what am I supposed to tell my friends" "It's my birthday" "He apologized but, that just isn't going to work this time" "I feel so stupid crying" .

I used to be someone that was never really phased with emotions. I, somewhat, miss that person. I could feel my own eyes start to tear up. I wished that I could have gone over to her and give her a huge hug. Tell her that there is a really amazing guy out there waiting for her. But, I think that may have been creepy.

The friends left, crying girl was finally calm. And no Johnny Man-Douchebag came across the TV. So, I finished my meal and headed back into my cage. I mean, office.

Do you ever dine out alone?
Have you ever just wanted to reach out and hug a complete stranger, in hopes that it would brighten their day?