Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"A Facebook Invite Isn't A Real Invite"

My daily commute is about 100 miles round trip. Which means, I have a lot of time in my car to myself. I've listened to audiobooks, and I've listened to my favorite CDs on repeat. But most of the time I switch back and forth between the local radio stations. Usually country and pop. Sometimes the morning shows have interesting topics.

One morning this past December the crew of HOT95.7 was talking about event invites on Facebook. Most of them do not consider a Facebook invite a true invite to an event. They felt like it was a way to avoid hurt feelings. You send a Facebook invite, but then actually call / text those who you really want to come.

I actually disagree with this. Or maybe it's because when I create Facebook invites for an event I typically only send it to about 10 people in our friend circle. So I'm very specific with who I am clicking.

I feel like in this day and age a Facebook invite should be sufficient for anything other than, perhaps a wedding or huge anniversary party.

I have a handful of events I am planning this year & I've debated on how I wanted to invite people. Do I want to do Facebook events? Send out cute invitations? Make it formal with an RSVP card? Then I got curious to know what my peers thought. So I took it to Twitter and Facebook.

The gist of it. Most people actually do not consider a Facebook invite a real invite. I was a little shocked about that.

Now, if an event has hundreds of people invited, odds are I'm not going to attend anyway. That's just too many people and usually a waste of my time to attend. I'm not one to try and compete for the host's attention.

So this year, I may just be sending more snail mail invites out to our friends. Which could be a whole lot of fun to pick out / design (most likely have someone design) some great invitations!

What are your thoughts? Do you consider a FB invite a REAL invite?